A January Reflection

Now this is the part where I’m usually saying right I’ll have to start my goals in February because they haven’t gone to plan this month, but for the first year yet I am not saying that wahooo (pat on the back please).  My 2018 goals have started off pretty well in all fairness so I won’t be making February goals. My intentions are to just carry on what I have been doing and also try and reach some more of my yearly goals. Anyway here is how the loooongest month of the year went…

 What goals have I achieved in 2018 so far?

 MY LITTLE BLOG HIS 15K YAAAAAY! – So one of my goals for this year was to go that bit further with my blog, but little did I know I’d reach half of my goal in just one month. My aim by the end of the year is to get 20k views and I hit 15k last week, and I cannot explain how grateful I am that people actually enjoy reading my content. I wrote a post that was personal to myself and family and was very nervous to hit publish but wow what an amazing response and so much support me and my family have received since. I hope to continue writing some more posts that will hopefully help other families in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

Gratitude– I wanted to start the year off being positive and I decided that every night before bed I would write three things that I am grateful for. I haven’t gone one night without writing in my little book yet, don’t get me wrong there has been nights where I’ve had a crappy day and thought there was nothing good about it, but once I thought there was actually so many things to be grateful for in that one day.

 Healthy- I’ve actually been doing ok at the whole being healthy thing – I mean I could be better but slow progress is better than no progress hey! However, now that dry January is over you can ask me at the end of Feb if I’ve still been healthy because I’m a suckaaaa for hangover food.

Look after my skin and eyes – Finaaaally I have new glasses, and I absolutely love them not even just for the design but purely because I can see clear again. I have also been doing a skin care routine before bed every night but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working. My skin is worse than ever at the moment and I am clueless as to why. If anybody has any suggestions pleaaase help.

My January No’s

This has been the hardest by far, if you didn’t know – I set myself a little challenge in January you can read it here. I managed most of my No’s which is why I dashed straight for my eyebrows done after work today. Honestly I’ve felt like a haaaairy man for what feels like forever (too much information) but not getting my eyebrows done was such a chore. I managed my limited spending kinda I guess… I did have a little blow out on the Weekend because I desperately needed new gym clothes and I also bought some summer clothes yesterday. The one January no I did fail was getting my nails done thanks to my bestie Holly – she is just the best at gel nails and I literally popped for a cuppa and left with some pretty gels (oooops).

So all in all I did pretty well with my goals and I am excited to continue them in February. I also did ok with the January No’s, but it’s safe to say I am so ready to feel like a lady again and be able to treat myself oh and drink a cocktail or ten.  February, March and April are my busiest months so let’s see if I can continue…



MY 2018 GOALS…

First of all Happy New New Year all!

This post was scheduled to go up yesterday but I was very hungover after celebrating the New Year which is why I am about to attempt dry January. Anyway, better late than never hey! In 2017 I achieved so many of my goals and I want to go into 2018 with the same mindset.

Get back on the radio

For the past few years I have been presenting radio but this year I took a step back as I started full-time work and focused more on my blogging. However, now I have got used to working, blogging and everything in between I am sooo ready to get back doing my own radio shows! I am hoping to at least get a time slot once a week so look out or should I say listen out?!

Go that bit further with my blog

If you have seen my previous post you’ll know that blogging has been a massive highlight and eye-opener for me therefore I want to carry on with it but give it my absolute all in 2018! With that in mind, I want to improve my photography skills and get used to my camera and also improve my editing for my YouTube videos.

Have more gratitude 

On the way to Thailand I read Davina McCall lessons I’ve learned and it literally changed my way of thinking (bizarre how reading a book can do that) but in all honesty since reading that I have had a much more positive way of thinking. In the book she shared one of her ideas and it was to keep a little notepad by your bed and every night write 3 things that you appreciated that day, I am going to try to do this every night. I’ve got a cute notepad at the ready and a lovely new pen from KiKi thanks to my friend Nathan. In general I just want to be positive and grateful and I am hoping to take this approach into the year!

Healthy healthy healthy

It’s that time of the year where this is majority of people’s goals so sorry to bore you all! The last two years I have really improved my health and fitness and I lost 3 stone and became such a happier person for it so I just want to carry it on really. As most will know I have been to Thailand for a month so I’ve not been to the gym once and also stuffed my face with endless amount of curry and alcohol… so I simply cannot wait to cook a healthy meal and take my dog and a long walk. This year I want to try out new healthy recipes and also embrace Wales and go exploring whilst keeping fit! I am also looking to join a netball team so if anybody knows of any please help.

Manage Finances and save

Finishing University and then saving for Thailand has made it difficult to get into a good place with my finances but my goal was always to save for a house as soon as I had ticked Thailand off the bucket list. Let the saving commence and hopefully I’ll get to my goal of having my own mortgage (along with Ryan) sooner rather than later.

Look after my skin and eyes

I had a scare in Thailand with an eye infection to the point I literally couldn’t see out of one eye and it actually really scared me. I was due new glasses quite a while ago and mine are extremely scratched and I’ve been struggling to see which has put strain on my eyes. By the end of this month I have made a promise to myself that I will get new glasses and look after my eyes. I also want to find a good skin care routine and stick to it so if anybody has any suggestions please send them my way.

Go for the chop eeeeeek!

Not so much of a goal but I have always had long hair so getting it cut is a big thing for me! I am really bored of my long hair and it’s a bit dead but I am so scared to get it cut but I am hoping that this year I will just go for it. I’d love to get enough cut off so that I can donate it for a little girls wig.

My main aim is to work as hard as I possibly can and really go somewhere with my journalism and to be as happy and positive as can be.

Here’s to 2018 xxx

Easter Updates

Well that is the Easter madness over for another year. Now it’s time to get back on track ditch the alcohol and chocolate and focus. But just for this moment let me reflect on how fun the past weeks I have been…

Firstly I have completed some things off my bucket list yaaay!

1) I did a 160ft Bungee Jump!

YES that’s right I did it and I was hungover. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I love that feeling of adrenaline but I just hadn’t got round to it. Cutting a long story short it was my boyfriends 24th birthday so I decided it would make a good present – not sure he thought the same though haha! Anyway despite me burying my head in his chest whilst we jumped over Salford Quays it was an amazing experience and something I am very proud of. Next goal is a sky dive! Continue reading