Cheering yourself up

This week has not been a great week for me, I’ve felt a bit low and I’m not entirely sure why. Whenever, I feel low I get angry at myself because I know there is someone always worse off, but sometimes it doesn’t always make me feel better. There are times when I have felt confused and guilty for feeling down in the dumps.

I now realise it’s absolutely fine not to always be ok. Today is not good but tomorrow could be the best day of your life who knows?

Here is how I try to make myself feel better… Continue reading


The Cutest Country Cafe

This blog post is actually an accident, but I fell in love with a cafe called Tu Hwnt i’r Bont today so I thought I’d share it on here! I’m trying my best to stay in at weekends now to save money for my trip to Thailand. If I stay at home in (Old Colwyn) the temptation to go out is right on my doorstep,  but I don’t feel the need if I stay at Rys. There are perks to Ryan living in Llanwrst, it seems bizarre really considering it’s only down the road but whenever I stay there it feels like a little country holiday and a break away from everyone (sorry not sorry). Continue reading

The | P e r f e c t | Sunday

See i’m one of those that doesn’t have a favourite season but I must admit I do absolutely love Autumn. My summer Sunday would be completely different and so would a hangover Sunday. However, the perfect Autumn Sunday goes a little like this…

Rise and Shine 

Who doesn’t love a lie in Sunday? I still set my alarm because if I didn’t I would be in my bed all afternoon, but I still have a bit of a lazy morning. I start off with breakfast in bed around 9:30am it’s usually a cooked breakfast on a Sunday (thanks to my mum or boyfriend whoever is feeling generous) I’m the lazy one.

11am: Up Ready and Out…

Once I’m all ready I like to do my food shop for the week. Oh hi Aldi. There is nothing more satisfying than going on a food shop for healthy items and planning your week ahead, whether I stick to it is a whole different story but hey ho!

12:30pm – The Drive

I love long car journeys (when iIm the passenger) on a Sunday Ryan does the driving. Ok, That’s a lie. He always does the driving. Now, anyone would think it’s me that picks the soundtrack to our car journeys let me assure you it’s not. Every single car journey consists of us belting our hearts out to Lion King. And that ladies and gents is my boyfriends choice.

13:00 – Autumn Stroll

Is it really Autumn if you don’t wear a thick rusty jumper for the picture perfect moments under trees and to rummage your feet through the leaves? A Sunday stroll is the perfect opportunity to admire where we live. Walking with a loved one whether it be your partner or a family member it is the best way to have the perfect Sunday.

15:00- I’m hungry

After admiring the changing colours and the smell of the crisp air I now feel a bit chillier and I crave some warm food in my belly. It’s a Sunday which means it’s a roast dinner! We stop at a nice restaurant preferably with a nice warm fire, and I treat myself to a glass of Prosecco whilst scoffing my pigs in blankets.

17:00- Home Time

After a beautiful outing, it’s home time to prep meals for the week ahead. Is this what adult life is like? Of course, I don’t meal prep every Sunday but all in a perfect Sunday I feel so much more satisfied if I get organised for the upcoming week.

19:00 and chill…

You know Christmas is around the corner if X Factor is on our screens. Once I’ve got organised, I relax with my family on the sofa with a mug of something and a barrel of laughs at the telly or at my dad (the joker).

What is your perfect Sunday?


Birthday Gifts

If you follow me on social media or have seen my previous posts you’ll know it was my birthday on Sunday. I’m no longer 21 boohoo! However, to make me feel a tad bit better about becoming 22 I received some beautiful gifts. Here are a few…

The BEST gift I received had to me the canon 750d, if you read my content you’ll know I have been desperate for a camera for so so long. I can finally say I have the exact one I wanted (extra brownie points to my wonderful boyfriend).  I am so very excited to practice and start getting better images. And extra extra brownie points for the gorgeous bouquet and champagne off him.

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Easter Updates

Well that is the Easter madness over for another year. Now it’s time to get back on track ditch the alcohol and chocolate and focus. But just for this moment let me reflect on how fun the past weeks I have been…

Firstly I have completed some things off my bucket list yaaay!

1) I did a 160ft Bungee Jump!

YES that’s right I did it and I was hungover. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I love that feeling of adrenaline but I just hadn’t got round to it. Cutting a long story short it was my boyfriends 24th birthday so I decided it would make a good present – not sure he thought the same though haha! Anyway despite me burying my head in his chest whilst we jumped over Salford Quays it was an amazing experience and something I am very proud of. Next goal is a sky dive! Continue reading