Bouncing back after being ill…

When you’re poorly it completely throws you off track, and it can be tempting to rush to recovery. I mean when we are in work we all wish for a day of doing nothing don’t we? But in reality when it happens it gets very boring and draining – well I know that is definitely the case for me. After a week of an eye ulcer which I am yet to get rid of, a throat infection and virus I thought I’d share my recovery tips…

1)Ditch the guilt

Having to call in sick to work gives me a sudden sense of guilt, and I feel like I am letting people down. Sometimes in life you have to put yourself first in order to do your best. If I would have gone into work last week I would have made myself 100% worse, and probably would have made mistakes because my concentration wouldn’t have been in full force. I don’t think work colleagues would have been too impressed with mistakes or spreading my germs so actually I was doing the best for them and me.

2) Don’t overdo it

This is by far easier said than done because when you’re used to being so busy it is difficult to just stop. However, if I do completely stop everything and just lie in bed it does make everything seem far worse to me. I have found the best way to get better is taking little steps, so for example I will have a lazy morning because that is when I feel at my worst, I will then try and do minimal things like have a hot shower, try and read for a bit (a bit difficult with an eye patch on) and try and complete a few emails – with this it is simple things but it still keeps you busy and takes your mind off being ill. I ensure I always have a break in between and will have a cup of tea and a nap etc. so that it breaks the day up.

3) Eat and drink

seems a pretty obvious one that you should and eat and drink, however I found it really difficult to eat this time last week. I found that not eating made me feel worse and really made me lack energy so I tried my best to eat little bits that were easy to swallow like soup. I however highly recommend eating just anything you fancy whether it’s going off your diet or not because you need the energy from food to try and get better. Soup and wotsits were my go to food all week!

4) Fresh air

Sometimes the last thing you want to do when you’re ill is go out especially when you feel like crap and look like it, but quite often fresh air can do you the world of good. Whether it is just sitting in the garden or a walk around the block I guarantee you will feel a bit better for it. I mean at the time you will probably feel knackered from it but fresh air definitely helps clear the air ways and stimulates the mind.

5) Stick to your normal routine as much as possible

I’m not telling you to completely stick to your ritual like going to work and the gym, but what I am suggesting is get up have a shower and get dressed. Staying in my pjs all day makes me feel a bit drained and the last thing I wanted to do last week is tidy my room and get dressed but most days I felt better for it. Even if you feel like can’t cook tea help somebody else, or do the meal plan so that you somehow feel like you are getting back on track.

Love Jasmine xxx


Everyone has a different path – GO AT YOUR OWN PACE!

It is hard making decisions at any age, but being at this age now (22) I have found that lately I have put pressure on myself often forgetting that there is still time and everything doesn’t need to happen at a fast pace – slow progress is better than no progress!

Social media has played a huge part of this, I often look at other bloggers or other journalists and what they’ve achieved by a specific age and drive myself into thinking I should have produced work equally as good.

Other people may experience other comparisons such as, seeing someone travelling and driving themselves into thinking that they should have done that rather than settled down.

There is no escaping seeing peoples ‘perfect life’ on social media, but always ask the question is it always perfect? Of course it may be for them but that may not be the dream life for you.

I am really aspiring to be more patient and teaching myself to take one step at a time. This year it was one of my goals to not compare myself and just do exactly what is my best.


Life isn’t a race and being truthful I fell into the trap of thinking I should be successful right away. This year I have realised that everyone really does have different paths.

Leaving school, we essentially have three choices: University, a job or college. It was clear in my mind that I wanted to go to university, but for some of my friends they wanted to go to college and others get a job. The choices didn’t differentiate any of us, we all took different paths to suit us.

While I am very fortunate that I chose a course I loved and want to pursue a career in, others go to university to merely get an education in something they are interested in and that again is completely fine.

When leaving university, you solely make your choices. Some people may take a gap year, others might go straight into work, some may stay in the city and some might move home.

After living in a city for three years my choice was to move home. I had experienced the city life and had enjoyed it, but I most definitely preferred home. The choice I made has quite often resulted in people questioning my decision… I can’t count how many times people have asked me why I didn’t do go on to do journalism in a city, and why would I come back round here. Sometimes I’d start to worry that people thought I wasn’t doing my best.

Now, I honestly couldn’t care less because that’s the path I have chosen. I am still using my degree in a job at home and live with my lovely family and for me that is fulfilling my dream. Yet for yours it might be the complete opposite.

Your mind can fluctuate and that is common, it is OK if you want to change your career path or suddenly want another baby. Life doesn’t always pan out the way we think. But one thing for sure is…

‘Everything happens for a reason’

There is no timer on your accomplishments, and there’s nobody going to be rewarding you with a sticker at the finish line (apart from yourself) therefore don’t rush to race somebody else… work for yourself.

If you’re 16 and want to have a baby do it.

If you’re 40 and want a baby do it.

If you don’t want kids don’t have them (don’t feel guilty or out of place).

If you don’t want to go to university don’t go.

If you want to go to university just to learn but not go into the job do it.

If you want to travel the world do it.

If you want to buy a house do it.

If you want to rent a house do it.

If you want to get married at 20 do it.

If you want to get married at 70 do it.

If you want to remain single do it.

Remember: Age is just a number, and most importantly everybody has different paths and the only thing that should matter to you is YOUR PACE.

Love Jasmine








Valentine’s Gift Guide

It’s actually quite ironic that I’m writing this post because me and Ryan don’t actually celebrate valentine’s day. There’s a few reasons why we don’t, the main reason is because our anniversary is in March so we always save it until then to do something special, we also didn’t really get to see each other on valentine’s day when I lived in Manchester so we kinda just didn’t bother.  I’m also not really a fan of it if I’m honest. However, I do love seeing everybody’s soppy insta’s and cute prezzies! I thought I’d put together a gift guide for those who do celebrate February 14th

1) A jar of notes

For one of our anniversaries I got a glass jar and some coloured card and filled the jar with 365 notes – one for everyday of the year. The notes were colour coded:

Red = I love how

yellow = remember when

Blue = We’re doing this

It took me days to make it and to think of the things, but it was a couple of pound and a thoughtful gift. It was also good for counting down the days to seeing each other because Ryan would open one every day and know it was a day closer to being reunited. I’ve seen a few things like this on Pinterest, and you can also do a jar of lollypop sticks with date ideas on – which is quite cute.

2)A scrapbook

I’ve mentioned scrapbooks before because I absolutely love them, but creating a scrapbook with memories of you both is a beautiful gift. You can get lovely stuff from The Works for a good price. I know that thoughtful gifts definitely make me the happiest so I’d always opt for that option.

3)Cheesy stuff

I mean if you can’t be cheesy on valentine’s day then when the bloody hell can you?! I love jokey bits and bobs and tonight I noticed there’s a stand in Aldi with a few funny/cheesy bits for a reasonable price. I noticed a little hip flask with a joke about gin on it which I know would make me laugh if I opened that.  So if your girlfriend or boyfriend is a gin drinker – head to Aldi!


If you want to spend a little bit more then I’d suggest a voucher for a restaurant or even the cinema. Vouchers are always my go to presents if I can’t think of anything – food vouchers always always always make me excited. Is there anything better than food really?! I actually got Ryan a voucher for a Thai restaurant for Christmas and we are supposed to be using it this weekend but we’ve decided to save it for when we actually feel like going out. Anyway, we have decided we are going to go to the cinema instead so that will probably be our valentines date. However, we are having a bit of a disagreement on what to watch… it’s between The Showman, Insidious or Fifty Shades of Gray help?

5)The obvious ones

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with flowers, chocolate or perfume. Flowers are my favourite and they can brighten up anyone’s day. If Ryan ever buys me chocolate, we always end up sharing anyway so that’s a gift for both of us (although this year it will probably be popcorn). Whenever there’s an occasion I tend to buy Ryan aftershave simply because it’s easy.

The main gift has to be a card in any occasion, I love reading cards and have a memory box full of them.

I hope everybody has a lovely valentine’s day whatever you may do.



I have just had the good fortune to travel Thailand for a month and boy oh boy was it an adventure, yet even though you are living the dream it is inevitable that you still draw comparisons from home. I went for a month and  I know a lot of people might judge because I haven’t had the full year travelling so how can I write this post?  But for me a month was enough. I’m not saying I couldn’t have stayed longer but after four weeks I was ready for my home comforts again. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a post about not enjoying my travels it is just simply a post to describe why it took me thousands of miles to appreciate North Wales.

1) My Brother

Although I have lived in Manchester for three years without my brother knowing I was thousands of miles away made me miss him insanely. On a day to day basis he makes me laugh, cry and get very stressed but he is so worth it  – even when he is requesting expensive things like steak for tea. Not being able to see him for a month was one of the most difficult things especially because I knew he’d be threating. So you can imagine the surprise I got when he surprised me at the airport – yes I had tears.

2) Toilet roll and clean toilets

The thing I missed most had to be a clean toilet where I didn’t have to squat and be without toilet roll so I didn’t have to shake drip dry (maybe a bit too much information) but nothing but the truth. Majority of our time in Thailand we were lucky enough to get quite nice hotels with toilet roll, but if we left our hotel and forgot to take our own loo roll then it was pretty much complaints about having to do the shake dance (gross).

3) Roast Dinners

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic with this one, but when your used to your mum making a roast every Sunday you start to get cravings. There was no proper sausages and bacon which was a killer for myself and Ryan. Just as well I came home right in time for Christmas… extra pigs in blankets for me wahooo!

4)Plate sizes

On the topic of food I might as well bring up the plate sizes, for someone that is a messy eater the small plates don’t go down very well. I absolutely love spicy food so the food there was perfect for me, I just could have done with a bigger plate and a bit more haha although maybe not considering I put a stone on there ooops.

5)Language Barrier

I’d say this is one of the things that probably makes you miss home a tad purely because it can be lonely. I can imagine the language barrier can make it quite lonely if you are a solo traveller, fortunately for me I was travelling with Ryan although I was a bit bored of his conversations at times (jooooking Ryan if you are reading this) you are good company really! Sometimes not being able to have a solid conversation with somebody or even a stranger made me miss the funny conversations I have with my family.

6)The Views

This is a difficult one because how is it actually possible to be on a paradise beach and missing rainy views? Well it is. The surroundings in Thailand were absolutely gorgeous and I will forever cherish this and I feel so lucky that I got to see them with my very own eyes. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and in Wales the grass is very green right?! There were some spots I visited when I was travelling that made me think why don’t I go and appreciate the views they have like this at home – some of the mountains and scenery we have is just beautiful and I feel like I definitely need to embrace it more.

7) Aldi / Car

Lastly, I couldn’t do this post without adding Aldi in it purely because when in Thailand you can’t just hop in your car for a cheeky bottle of wine from the shop. Yes I loved walking there and not having to drive but I must admit at times when I was tired or hungover yes hungover stop lying Jazz I simply wished for my car and Aldi. Oh the little things you don’t appreciate until you are on the other side of the country.

It’s true when they say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

good job I was returning hey!


Thailand Travel Diary

  Thailand seems like so long ago now especially with getting back into routine, but me and Ryan have spoken about it near enough every day since we have been back – that’s when you know you’ve had a real adventure! I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but with the festive period I’ve been a busy bee, but now I can finally share with you our travelling experience…

I’m also including this video so you can watch the experience as well as read about it.


We touched down in Bangkok around 11am and wasn’t due to check into our hotel until 14:30, fortunately the staff had the room ready for us to check in right away. I’m not going to review all the hotels on here because it would take faaaar too long but let me just say Chillax Resort was amazing. I actually felt like a real-life princess, the bath was gorgeous as well as the bed well the whole room and hotel to be honest.

Once I stopped admiring the room we went to explore Bangkok, we got a massage although I did try a massage in every place I have to admit Bangkok was the best one I received. Another day spent was enjoying our rooftop pool with a much-needed cocktail (or ten) yup it probably was ten because I fell flat-out in the sun which was a rookie mistake! A highlight for both myself and Ryan was most definitely The Sky Bar and although it is not something we budgeted for it was totally worth it. Arriving at the Sky Bar we assumed we was dress for the occasion but Ryan got turned away because he was in shorts. WAIT FOR IT…. before we knew it there was a lady on the street undressing Ryan and putting him into some beige trousers which was absolutely hilarious – it was one of those you had to be there moments. After Ryan spruced up we finally got to admire the beautiful views and drink the most amazing cocktails, – it was just a perfect setting with perfect company. We also had a meal there which came up too £250.00 sooo it is ridiculously expensive but we kinda just went with oh well we’ve saved all year and we’re only here once. We visited the floating markets which we thoroughly enjoyed and on the same day we went to the Erwan waterfalls which were beautiful. Oh and little tip instead of paying for your feet to be eaten by fish just visit the waterfalls.

Chang Mai

We stayed a couple of days in Chang Mai and this was one of my favourite places in Thailand. If you want an adventure then Chang Mai is where you will get one, from day one just strolling around the town and visiting temples I loved it. I wasn’t too fussed about going to see a Muay Thai fight but for the sake of Ryan I went and guess who absolutely loved it? ME. One of our favourite moments of our adventure was visiting the Elephant Sanctuary because as well as it being extremely fun it was very educational which provided us with reassurance.

After spending the day with the gorgeous and such friendly elephants I decided I wanted to go on a night safari which was an unreal experience travelling on an open tram amongst tigers,lions, giraffes, bears etc was just astonishing. If you seen any of my snaps from Thailand you’ll know how much I was obsessed with the pancakes and I have to say Chang Mai night markets did the best and also the tastiest street food. It was actually really nice to not sit in a restaurant but to just stroll looking at the markets and tasting all different foods.

Koh Samui

Arriving down South was different and it was the first time we had seen a beach on our backpacking trip just in time for the weather hey… maybe not. The rain poured for a night but ain’t no rain was gonna ruin our fun – we was well equipped in our rain coats and off we went. If you are ever in Koh Samui go to Ark Bar we met so many lovely yet crazy people there and ended up exploring other clubs with them. The nightlife is Koh Samui is fabulous and it is actually quite difficult to have a quiet night there – I should know after attempting to go for a pancake and ending up watching a band until 3am.


Koh Phangan

When I said I wanted to go to Thailand I explained to Ryan that I wanted to stay in huts sometimes and do the whole travelling experience and his reply was you’ll hate it. Ok ok so after a rocky boat ride we arrived in our bungalow/hut and there we have it probably the first time I have ever agreed with Ryan yup he was right I definitely wasn’t ready for the hut. If you watch the video you’ll see just by how rough I look in that part of the video that the hut was a bit of a shock and what was even more of a shock was waking up to a lizard in bed with me… I mean I thought that kinda thing was for ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’! Being honest, I don’t regret staying a couple of nights in the hut because it was something I have now ticked off my bucket list and we still had the best time. In Koh Phangan the pool party was a fun night for us both and we also loved the beach there and relaxing together.

We all know what Koh Phangan is famous for don’t we?! FULL MOON PARTY what an experience! I went all out for the party and got blue braids I mean if you can’t have blue hair for a full moon party when can you? The beach was packed, the music was pumping, the buckets were flowing and more importantly the food options were incredible.

Koh Tao

Another day another boat, we arrived in Koh Tao with one hungover guy and a very dodgy eye (the eye was mine) I left that hut with an eye infection which was a bit dull but like I said nothing was ruining my dream. I really liked Koh Tao probably because I was back in a nice hotel… jokes aside it was a gorgeous island almost as if you are in a jungle I mean a frog did jump on my foot. We didn’t get any nice weather in Koh Tao which made it difficult to explore and get pictures. In all honesty I was a bit gutted about the rain and wished we could have stayed longer to get the real feel but after putting a positive spin on things we went to a bar played connect 4 and met wonderful people and had one of the best nights in Thailand – see positive thinking works!


Originally our plan was to go to Phi Phi islands from Koh Tao but we warned to go via Phuket and stop there for a few days until the weather got better. Phuket was a place we both looooved – Bangla Road you did not fail to impress! Just as well we visited Phuket when we did because we were blessed with the glorious sunshine. Being in Phuket it was an essential that we went to visit the Tiger Kingdom and oh my good grief what a beautiful and amazing experience. There were a few options we could have chosen from but I really wanted to see the big Tigers and honestly those pictures are something I will forever be grateful for.

A sentimental moment for us both was the love tree at the Big Bhudda, the sun was beaming the views were spectacular and it was just really special. We also found an absolutely fabulous restaurant in Phuket with a beautiful setting called the K Restaurant and the food was amazing – very romantic – if I do say so myself.

Phi Phi islands

The island tour is another must especially if you want beautiful beaches and perfect photos. Our first stop was snorkelling with all different kinds of fish. Who needs to watch Finding Nemo when you can see the fish for real hey? Our favourite stop was the second stop Bamboo Island simply because it was just stunning and that is where found our paradise.

Being honest I cannot remember all the places we stopped that day because I forgot to take notes but what I do remember is that it was all breath-taking. Visiting Monkey Beach was a bit manic but hilarious especially when they all attacked Ryan and we had to paddle in the sea to get away! I now know where the phrase cheeky monkey comes from for sure.

Being in Maya Beach was also stunning and something we will never forget. We braved lobster and other seafoods in Phi Phi and also went to the beach parties etc.

All in all our adventure was just everything and more. I absolutely loved visiting all different places and usually I just go on sun holidays in one destination so this was different. I loved immersing myself into local culture and discovering the unexpected. Visiting different airports and stepping off a plane to reclaim your luggage and knowing your not going home,  but in fact to a different destination was thrilling.  

This is not the only parts of our travelling diary and I could have gone into so much detail but I’m conscious there is already too much information here. This week I’m going to be uploading some more travel posts. 


MY 2018 GOALS…

First of all Happy New New Year all!

This post was scheduled to go up yesterday but I was very hungover after celebrating the New Year which is why I am about to attempt dry January. Anyway, better late than never hey! In 2017 I achieved so many of my goals and I want to go into 2018 with the same mindset.

Get back on the radio

For the past few years I have been presenting radio but this year I took a step back as I started full-time work and focused more on my blogging. However, now I have got used to working, blogging and everything in between I am sooo ready to get back doing my own radio shows! I am hoping to at least get a time slot once a week so look out or should I say listen out?!

Go that bit further with my blog

If you have seen my previous post you’ll know that blogging has been a massive highlight and eye-opener for me therefore I want to carry on with it but give it my absolute all in 2018! With that in mind, I want to improve my photography skills and get used to my camera and also improve my editing for my YouTube videos.

Have more gratitude 

On the way to Thailand I read Davina McCall lessons I’ve learned and it literally changed my way of thinking (bizarre how reading a book can do that) but in all honesty since reading that I have had a much more positive way of thinking. In the book she shared one of her ideas and it was to keep a little notepad by your bed and every night write 3 things that you appreciated that day, I am going to try to do this every night. I’ve got a cute notepad at the ready and a lovely new pen from KiKi thanks to my friend Nathan. In general I just want to be positive and grateful and I am hoping to take this approach into the year!

Healthy healthy healthy

It’s that time of the year where this is majority of people’s goals so sorry to bore you all! The last two years I have really improved my health and fitness and I lost 3 stone and became such a happier person for it so I just want to carry it on really. As most will know I have been to Thailand for a month so I’ve not been to the gym once and also stuffed my face with endless amount of curry and alcohol… so I simply cannot wait to cook a healthy meal and take my dog and a long walk. This year I want to try out new healthy recipes and also embrace Wales and go exploring whilst keeping fit! I am also looking to join a netball team so if anybody knows of any please help.

Manage Finances and save

Finishing University and then saving for Thailand has made it difficult to get into a good place with my finances but my goal was always to save for a house as soon as I had ticked Thailand off the bucket list. Let the saving commence and hopefully I’ll get to my goal of having my own mortgage (along with Ryan) sooner rather than later.

Look after my skin and eyes

I had a scare in Thailand with an eye infection to the point I literally couldn’t see out of one eye and it actually really scared me. I was due new glasses quite a while ago and mine are extremely scratched and I’ve been struggling to see which has put strain on my eyes. By the end of this month I have made a promise to myself that I will get new glasses and look after my eyes. I also want to find a good skin care routine and stick to it so if anybody has any suggestions please send them my way.

Go for the chop eeeeeek!

Not so much of a goal but I have always had long hair so getting it cut is a big thing for me! I am really bored of my long hair and it’s a bit dead but I am so scared to get it cut but I am hoping that this year I will just go for it. I’d love to get enough cut off so that I can donate it for a little girls wig.

My main aim is to work as hard as I possibly can and really go somewhere with my journalism and to be as happy and positive as can be.

Here’s to 2018 xxx


So as we come to the end of what has been a very rapid year I want to take the time to rewind and reflect before I make my resolutions. For me, 2017 has been a successful year and one that I am proud of. 


The biggest highlight of this year had to be my graduation day. On the 21st July I graduated with a first class honours in Broadcast Journalism surrounded by all my loved ones. Never ever would I have thought I would be finishing my journey with a first but it is something I am so proud of and it made the three years of hard work so worth it.

Organising a charity event

This year has been a challenge for me watching my brother struggle has broke my heart and I decided I would raise money for the National Autistic Society. Planning an event was really time consuming especially when battling the final year of University, however the event was a really good night and also raised a lot of money and awareness.


This is a mahoosive one because it has made me realise so much and also increased my confidence. I have always been a confident person but this year I’ve just got to the stage where I simply don’t care if people are sick of reading my blog, if it is something I want to post then I will. I started writing for my blog properly this year and it has become my hobby – I absolutely love it! I know numbers arnt everything but getting to 10k views was a massive achievement for me and now it’s almost at 14,000 and there is something so warming knowing people are reading my content.

Attending my first blogging event

Again, this is something I wouldn’t have pictured myself doing but I plucked up the courage and got on the train to London to attend the event. My first blogging event was a real eye-opener and increased my motivation massively.

Ticked off my Thailand adventure 

I have always planned to travel Thailand and I am so happy that we saved and made it happen this year. Not only did we tick it off the bucket list but we did everything we wanted to do there and more. What an adventure!

All in all 2017 has been a very successful year and I am excited to see what 2018 brings. My next post will be my 2018 goals.

Happy new year all xxx





Cheering yourself up

This week has not been a great week for me, I’ve felt a bit low and I’m not entirely sure why. Whenever, I feel low I get angry at myself because I know there is someone always worse off, but sometimes it doesn’t always make me feel better. There are times when I have felt confused and guilty for feeling down in the dumps.

I now realise it’s absolutely fine not to always be ok. Today is not good but tomorrow could be the best day of your life who knows?

Here is how I try to make myself feel better… Continue reading

The Cutest Country Cafe

This blog post is actually an accident, but I fell in love with a cafe called Tu Hwnt i’r Bont today so I thought I’d share it on here! I’m trying my best to stay in at weekends now to save money for my trip to Thailand. If I stay at home in (Old Colwyn) the temptation to go out is right on my doorstep,  but I don’t feel the need if I stay at Rys. There are perks to Ryan living in Llanwrst, it seems bizarre really considering it’s only down the road but whenever I stay there it feels like a little country holiday and a break away from everyone (sorry not sorry). Continue reading

The | P e r f e c t | Sunday

See i’m one of those that doesn’t have a favourite season but I must admit I do absolutely love Autumn. My summer Sunday would be completely different and so would a hangover Sunday. However, the perfect Autumn Sunday goes a little like this…

Rise and Shine 

Who doesn’t love a lie in Sunday? I still set my alarm because if I didn’t I would be in my bed all afternoon, but I still have a bit of a lazy morning. I start off with breakfast in bed around 9:30am it’s usually a cooked breakfast on a Sunday (thanks to my mum or boyfriend whoever is feeling generous) I’m the lazy one.

11am: Up Ready and Out…

Once I’m all ready I like to do my food shop for the week. Oh hi Aldi. There is nothing more satisfying than going on a food shop for healthy items and planning your week ahead, whether I stick to it is a whole different story but hey ho!

12:30pm – The Drive

I love long car journeys (when iIm the passenger) on a Sunday Ryan does the driving. Ok, That’s a lie. He always does the driving. Now, anyone would think it’s me that picks the soundtrack to our car journeys let me assure you it’s not. Every single car journey consists of us belting our hearts out to Lion King. And that ladies and gents is my boyfriends choice.

13:00 – Autumn Stroll

Is it really Autumn if you don’t wear a thick rusty jumper for the picture perfect moments under trees and to rummage your feet through the leaves? A Sunday stroll is the perfect opportunity to admire where we live. Walking with a loved one whether it be your partner or a family member it is the best way to have the perfect Sunday.

15:00- I’m hungry

After admiring the changing colours and the smell of the crisp air I now feel a bit chillier and I crave some warm food in my belly. It’s a Sunday which means it’s a roast dinner! We stop at a nice restaurant preferably with a nice warm fire, and I treat myself to a glass of Prosecco whilst scoffing my pigs in blankets.

17:00- Home Time

After a beautiful outing, it’s home time to prep meals for the week ahead. Is this what adult life is like? Of course, I don’t meal prep every Sunday but all in a perfect Sunday I feel so much more satisfied if I get organised for the upcoming week.

19:00 and chill…

You know Christmas is around the corner if X Factor is on our screens. Once I’ve got organised, I relax with my family on the sofa with a mug of something and a barrel of laughs at the telly or at my dad (the joker).

What is your perfect Sunday?