I’m sat here with a horrible eye infection as well as a throat and viral infection so as you can imagine pretty rotten. Bank holiday feels like a ages ago now because this week is really dragging with being ill, but I had a faaab weekend surrounded by loved ones so I thought I’d share some snaps with you…

On Saturday morning, I opened the blinds and it looked lovely and sunny so I put a summer outfit on and arranged a picnic. After popping to the local shops to purchase the picnic stuff, I soon realised it was quite cold and foggy so the picnic was off the cards. Instead, we went for breakfast and coffee. Luckily in the afternoon it brightened up a bit (as you can see in the photo of the gorgeous blossom) so me and Ryan met my grandma and little cousins and went to a summerΒ fayre.

Lot’s of ice cream and pancakes were consumed.

After eating my bodyweight in pancakes and ice cream, I then ate lot’s of BBQ food at my friend Holly’s. Saturday night was a mega pamper night, Hol did my nails, tan and blow dried my hair for me (I hate doing my own) so thankfully I have the greatest friends. I arrived home that evening to watch the boxing with my brother which I was very disappointed in because I really wanted David to win.

I usually go for nude or red but this colour just says summer!


On Sunday I had to be up early because me and the other ladies had to be at the train station for 12:30. I woke up to glorious sunshine so I took my baby cousin on a stroll along the prom with Ryan and the dog. By 10:30 that morning I was drinking prosecco and getting ready with Georgia and Holly, and then the rest of the day was spent in Chester sipping cocktails and embracing the beautiful weather and company.

Gin or tea?


For anyone that knows me will know I suffer really bad with hangovers so when I woke up without one on Monday I was extremely happy. I spent the day with friends in a beer garden but I only drank coke (well behaved eyy).

With the weather being lovely my Grandma and Grandad decided to do a BBQ so that was perfect to have family time. When the sun went down I started to feel a bit under the weather and my eye was irritating me. Lusius was also poorly so we both snuggled on the couch.

What a perfect way to end the bank holiday. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend xxx



Easter Updates

Well that is the Easter madness over for another year. Now it’s time to get back on track ditch the alcohol and chocolate and focus. But just for this moment let me reflect on how fun the past weeks I have been…

Firstly I have completed some things off my bucket list yaaay!

1) I did a 160ft Bungee Jump!

YES that’s right I did it and I was hungover. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I love that feeling of adrenaline but I just hadn’t got round to it. Cutting a long story short it was my boyfriends 24th birthday so I decided it would make a good present – not sure he thought the same though haha! Anyway despite me burying my head in his chest whilst we jumped over Salford Quays it was an amazing experience and something I am very proud of. Next goal is a sky dive! Continue reading