What I received for Christmas


My Boxing Day was spent de-cluttering my bedroom making space for all my new lovely gifts. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favourite gifts with you all.

I mean I’m 22 and I still get a sack full of wonderful gifts… so very lucky and grateful! Continue reading



Once again the local fancy dress event has increased the Christmas cheer. 

The gents or should I say characters put the traffic to a standstill while the audience snapped and clapped!

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the spectacular event. Organiser Ian Jones a self-employed joiner of Old Colwyn, first put the event together for those who didn’t have an annual Christmas doo and has it grown to success ever since.

A variety of ages along with a range of fancy dress and props – even fake snow brightened up the village.

The team effort did not go unnoticed especially as gorillas aped around the audience with sound effects.

To mark Wales surely there had to be sheep right? Well just as well  because we had lots of them patrolling the street.

A mystery machine was at the scene and then a limousine approached with our very own Donald Trump. But of course he had to be protected by his security guards.

This year the Donald Trump team seemed to be one of the favourites as the audience shouted ‘amazing’.

Ian Jones has chosen all donations to go to a charity that he holds very close to his heart – Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Cuddles.

The onlookers were astonished by the efforts of Old Colwyn community and I’m sure the businesses of Old Colwyn today will appreciate the annual effort.

You can donate online via JustGiving. If you are out tonight be sure to splash some cash for a donation in the bucket. You can also purchase a calendar of the event from Ian Jones or photographer Gareth Young.




OLD COLWYN famous fancy dress returns for the 8th year!

A month today the local pubs of Old Colwyn with be flooded with a variety of wacky outfits that marks the 8th year anniversary. But what can we expect this year?

The annual fancy dress started when self-employed joiner, Ian Jones, organised a works Christmas doo for those who didn’t have one due to working for themselves.

Ever since the event started it has grown and grown so much that it became an online sensation in 2014 when Jones became Del Boy for a day.

Ian Jones explained, “Due to the success I decided to do something good and raise money for a charity I hold very close to my heart.

My youngest boy was born premature and spent the first eleven weeks of his life in the SCBU in Glan Clwyd Hospital.”

Cuddles and Support the special care baby unit is a charity that Ian and his family will always appreciate.

Despite the unforeseen effort every year Ian Jones is set out for big things again this year and is expecting around 50 lads to attend and even more onlookers.

“I’m looking forward to all the lads getting together in our local pubs for a good laugh. It’s a good job all the landlords are great with us!” explained Ian.

Although his outfit is simple this year he says it’s very ‘effective’.

Image captured by Gareth Young.

However, the only clue Mr Jones is giving away is that it’s a double act that EVERYBODY will know but that’s all we’re getting!

Another person that is keeping his outfit top secret is Gary Rowlands who starred as Michael Jackson last year.

Being self-employed himself Gary has been participating in the event for six years. His best effort was the year he created The Predator outfit himself. But will he beat it this year?

Image captured by Gareth Young.

He said: “I’ve only had the idea planned the last couple of weeks because we flipped it to confuse the enemy!

I’ve hand-picked to create the perfect team. You’ve got to be good to roll with me!”

The self-employed joiner also highlighted, “I just want to add if you get the wooden spoon this year you’re not allowed to live within 10 miles of Old Colwyn for 12 months.

If your commitment isn’t up to scratch the Vic Club will spit you out like the filth you are.”

It seems like there is going to be some competition on everybody’s hands!

All jokes aside, Ian and Gary have faith that the fancy dress is an amazing event that provides self-employed tradesman a works doo. And whilst raising money for a charity it also brings the community together.

The event will start at The Victoria Club in Old Colwyn on the 16th December at 2pm.

Gareth Young, a photographer of Old Colwyn has been the photographer for the event for several years and will be capturing the adventures throughout the day to create a calendar.

You can pre-order calendars with Gareth himself or with organiser Ian Jones for £10. All donations go to the charity Cuddles.

More will follow on my website during the day’s events so keep your eyes peeled.

Christmas Gift Guide + My First Youtube Video

With this post I wanted to give people the option to watch or read (whatever your preference). So I have decided to do my first YouTube video to showcase some Christmas gifts I think you might like…


I know it’s a tad bit early but I’m going to be away for the majority of December and this way you can start the prep!

Lifestyle bits 

Something as simple as a mug is a perfect gift especially for an office worker like myself. I got mine from T K Maxx for less than five pound (so worth it). Hands up if you love a good cup of tea in a pretty mug! I definitely do.

Candles Continue reading

Why BONFIRE NIGHT is my favourite


Bonfire night it’s like marmite you either love it or hate it but daaaaamn I definitely fit in the love category. Out of all the events that go on throughout the year November 5th has to be my ultimate favourite.  

Here is why….

(PS I have saved the best and most important point until last).

1.Wrapping up warm

It’s usually the first night of the year where I pile up the layers and dig out my hunter wellies. The new hat and scarf make their first appearance and all the cosy knits come out. After dragging my tootsies across the mud, and scrambling my way through the cosy crowd I no longer need my fluffy wear but it looks cute so I’ll keep it on anyway. I love the feel of the cold crisp air and the little red nose it gives you, but I also love the warmth you feel against your cheeks off the burning bonfire.

2. The Scent

Burgers and chips, smoke, sweet smell of toffee apples. The smell of November the 5th is the scent I loooove. It’s a smell that is too tempting. I always on bonfire night treat myself to a cone of chips, and I am never seen without a toffee apple in one hand and a sparkler in the other. This is why I require extra hands for things like a hot chocolate as well a mulled wine because I’m greedy.

4. Fireworks and Sparklers

Fireworks. What an amazing creation. The way they light up the sky and the echoes of the ‘oooo that’s a nice one’ just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Writing your name with a sparkler is just essential isn’t it? The bright colours, the crackling, the cheers, whistles just everything about it is just fabulouuuus.

4. Our Family Tradition

Since I can remember, my dad has always gone all out and spoilt us with fireworks. We’d visit Eirias one night and have our own mini display the next. My mum whips up a warm leek and potato soup and we have hot dogs. The slow cooker is filled with hot chocolate whilst there is a pan of mulled wine. Some say they are spoilt for choice, but you can never have too much at the Rigby household. Sometimes we have it at my grandmas it just depends. Anyway so it is a family tradition of ours which leads me to the most important point…

5.Celebration of my Taids life

Last but the VERY MOST important, three years ago on the 1st November my Great Taid whom was my best friend passed away, he wasn’t only a friend to me but to all of our family. It was a sad loss to all, but I am a big believer into turning a negative into a positive. Although we were heartbroken to lose him we were and still are eternally grateful for the years we spent with him. So, at our family bonfire night we tuck into our hot dogs and sip our soups/hot choccies/ mulled wine whatever the preference and we all snuggle watching the sky light up whilst sharing incredible memories of our amazing Taid.

Aaaaaand that is why B o n f i r e  N i g h t  will always be my one and only favourite night!

Cheering yourself up

This week has not been a great week for me, I’ve felt a bit low and I’m not entirely sure why. Whenever, I feel low I get angry at myself because I know there is someone always worse off, but sometimes it doesn’t always make me feel better. There are times when I have felt confused and guilty for feeling down in the dumps.

I now realise it’s absolutely fine not to always be ok. Today is not good but tomorrow could be the best day of your life who knows?

Here is how I try to make myself feel better… Continue reading


Some love going out on Halloween but it’s not for me… every Halloween night out has been a bit disastrous. Don’t get me wrong I looove going out just not for Halloween. So this is how my perfect Halloween goes… (although I had to have it a week early because I’m watching the boxing with my brother tonight). Last week me and Ryan were such big kids (oh the extremes you go to trying to stay in on a Saturday night).

Anyway I got the pumpkin and I got the food, dressed in cosy Pjs and boom Halloween was well underway. P.s these five points could be some s.p.o.o.k.y tips…. Continue reading

Getting Back On Track

We’ve all been there… For a certain period, you stick to your healthy eating and exercise routine religiously but then one slip up could lead to a 1000 more. My last year at University I was in a very good routine which enabled me to feel fit and healthier. However, returning home it has not been as easy to stick to it (especially when your mum has a treat cupboard). The main issue is that we’ve just had a new kitchen which has taken a couple of months which of course made it difficult to cook and prepare meals. Anyway, our kitchen was all ready last week and with a month until Thailand I figured this was the best time to get back to it!

Monday Continue reading

The Cutest Country Cafe

This blog post is actually an accident, but I fell in love with a cafe called Tu Hwnt i’r Bont today so I thought I’d share it on here! I’m trying my best to stay in at weekends now to save money for my trip to Thailand. If I stay at home in (Old Colwyn) the temptation to go out is right on my doorstep,  but I don’t feel the need if I stay at Rys. There are perks to Ryan living in Llanwrst, it seems bizarre really considering it’s only down the road but whenever I stay there it feels like a little country holiday and a break away from everyone (sorry not sorry). Continue reading

The | P e r f e c t | Sunday

See i’m one of those that doesn’t have a favourite season but I must admit I do absolutely love Autumn. My summer Sunday would be completely different and so would a hangover Sunday. However, the perfect Autumn Sunday goes a little like this…

Rise and Shine 

Who doesn’t love a lie in Sunday? I still set my alarm because if I didn’t I would be in my bed all afternoon, but I still have a bit of a lazy morning. I start off with breakfast in bed around 9:30am it’s usually a cooked breakfast on a Sunday (thanks to my mum or boyfriend whoever is feeling generous) I’m the lazy one.

11am: Up Ready and Out…

Once I’m all ready I like to do my food shop for the week. Oh hi Aldi. There is nothing more satisfying than going on a food shop for healthy items and planning your week ahead, whether I stick to it is a whole different story but hey ho!

12:30pm – The Drive

I love long car journeys (when iIm the passenger) on a Sunday Ryan does the driving. Ok, That’s a lie. He always does the driving. Now, anyone would think it’s me that picks the soundtrack to our car journeys let me assure you it’s not. Every single car journey consists of us belting our hearts out to Lion King. And that ladies and gents is my boyfriends choice.

13:00 – Autumn Stroll

Is it really Autumn if you don’t wear a thick rusty jumper for the picture perfect moments under trees and to rummage your feet through the leaves? A Sunday stroll is the perfect opportunity to admire where we live. Walking with a loved one whether it be your partner or a family member it is the best way to have the perfect Sunday.

15:00- I’m hungry

After admiring the changing colours and the smell of the crisp air I now feel a bit chillier and I crave some warm food in my belly. It’s a Sunday which means it’s a roast dinner! We stop at a nice restaurant preferably with a nice warm fire, and I treat myself to a glass of Prosecco whilst scoffing my pigs in blankets.

17:00- Home Time

After a beautiful outing, it’s home time to prep meals for the week ahead. Is this what adult life is like? Of course, I don’t meal prep every Sunday but all in a perfect Sunday I feel so much more satisfied if I get organised for the upcoming week.

19:00 and chill…

You know Christmas is around the corner if X Factor is on our screens. Once I’ve got organised, I relax with my family on the sofa with a mug of something and a barrel of laughs at the telly or at my dad (the joker).

What is your perfect Sunday?