Easter Updates

Well that is the Easter madness over for another year. Now it’s time to get back on track ditch the alcohol and chocolate and focus. But just for this moment let me reflect on how fun the past weeks I have been…

Firstly I have completed some things off my bucket list yaaay!

1) I did a 160ft Bungee Jump!

YES that’s right I did it and I was hungover. It’s something I have always wanted to do. I love that feeling of adrenaline but I just hadn’t got round to it. Cutting a long story short it was my boyfriends 24th birthday so I decided it would make a good present – not sure he thought the same though haha! Anyway despite me burying my head in his chest whilst we jumped over Salford Quays it was an amazing experience and something I am very proud of. Next goal is a sky dive! Continue reading

MY happiness.

‘It’s a helluva start, being able to recognise what makes you happy.’ – Dale Carnegie

I’m currently at that stressful in between stage of touching the finishing line of university but I haven’t quite find that dream job yet. Deadlines are fast approaching and my living arrangements will be soon coming to an end so in all honesty I’ve been feeling a bit deflated. However, we should always be grateful which I why I have decided to do a post on 50 things that make me happy. A bit of inspiration has also come from Fearne Cotton book ‘Happy’ which I highly recommend.

  1. Morning coffee.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Family days out.
  4. Long drives.
  5. Being Productive.
  6. Reading.
  7. Music.
  8. Spending time with my boyfriend.
  9. Chilled nights.
  10. Girl nights.
  11. Fridays.
  12. Going out for meals.
  13. Cocktails.
  14. When you haven’t been out for ages and get to dress nice.
  15. Chinese food!!!
  16. My baby cousins.
  17. Going shopping and for a spot of lunch.
  18. Lie ins.
  19. Praise.
  20. Surprises!!!
  21. Catching up on trashy TV.
  22. Stationery.
  23. Typing.
  24. Loosing weight.
  25. Being organised.
  26. Hanging washing out.
  27. Working on my blog.
  28. Helping others.
  29. Setting goals.
  30. Event planning.
  31. Cooking.
  32. Aftershave.
  33. Travelling to the airport.
  34. Light nights.
  35. Pictures.
  36. Inspirational quotes.
  37. Bouncy blow dry.
  38. Making scrap books.
  39. Buying people gifts.
  40. Visiting my Taid’s grave.
  41. Office clothes.
  42. Feature writing.
  43. Rose gold.
  44. Tea and cake.
  45. Tapas (nibbles).
  46. The sound of flicking through a book.
  47. Having my back tickled.
  48. Meeting new people.
  49. Presenting.
  50. My brother being happy.

It’s always good to reflect on happiness. Why not list a few reasons that make you happy in the comments?


Healthy Fabulous Foods



I am a bit of a hypocrite writing about healthy food as I sit here eating chocolate cake and slurping a cup of tea… but hey ho we all deserve a treat. Vegetables were always a massive no for me they were the food I never craved. Lately I actually crave a plate of vegetables or a big colourful salad more than I do a takeaway. So here is why.

Eating out)

Eating out is definitely a treat but I used to see it as pick the unhealthiest meal on the menu. Picking the biggest burger on the menu doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the tastiest thing you can get. Recently I have started to choose the mushroom and goats cheese salad. I could have never imagined going to a restaurant and ordering a salad yet I absolutely love the mushroom and goats cheese salad, the cheese makes it that bit more tastier. Although I still feel full after the salad I don’t feel bloated where I can’t move or fit another glass of wine in. It’s definitely my new favourite. 

The quick meals)

On days where I am busy and can’t prep my meals in the slow cooker I tend to have something that is quick and easy. For example on a Tuesday I go to a spinning class so I will quickly throw beansprouts with some spices, soy sauce and a piece of salmon. It takes around fifteen minutes and is lovely! It doesn’t sound the nicest thing in the world but it a quick easy meal that I can’t go a week without.


Eating first thing in the morning was a massive no for me. Now I always try to have something even if it is a banana. If I have time I like to use up my eggs. A boiled egg calls for asparagus with chilli flakes. The poached egg is avocado or some baked beans. My posh breakfast – scrambled egg and smoked salmon. Think thats enough of eggs for one day. If I am having a rushed morning I will have fruit and yogurt or some porridge.

Getting back on track)

I was doing fine this week until I was hungover Saturday and ate my body weight in Chinese food. The Sunday didn’t get much better (I blame my boyfriend) he woke me up offering to take me to Wetherspoons for a breakfast and put it this way I am not one to decline free food. Then the cinema happened. Come on who goes to the cinema without getting popcorn? Oooops cinema has finished it’s 8:30pm all the shops are Sunday hours guess it’s a takeaway.I felt worse off for it and I have craved salmon and vegetables. But back on track today.

Have you got any fabulous foods or healthy tips?

The Must Have Perfumes


‘You Are Never Fully Dressed Without Perfume’- C. Joybell.C.

Are you ever really complete if you don’t add that last-minute spray as a finishing touch? If I ever forget to add my perfume I don’t feel right all day. It’s just that extra something that makes people judging you judge you that bit better. A girl can never have enough perfume. At the moment I have three favourites that I’m about to tell you all about!

Paco Rabanne ‘Olympea’ eau de parfum

This is one of the perfumes that I have stuck with for a good few years now (I probably always will). This was the one I used to use for special occasions such as date nights. That soon changed when I found a new love for Alien (more about that later). No denying that I still absolutely love ‘Olympea’ but it has become more of my everyday perfume now, this is the fragrance I spray as I am leaving the house in a rush for uni or shopping. While the smell is quite strong I think it gives quite a floral sweet smell and definitely gives the summer vibe.

Alien- Thierry Muggler 

Jasmine? Yes you heard it right. Of course Alien is a go to perfume for me – it has my name in it! Usually the smell Jasmine is quite a sweet smell but I wouldn’t suggest Alien is a sweet smell it’s more of a rich strong smell. I would say it is the opposite to the fruitiness smell of ‘Olympea’. The colours of the bottle describe the smell. Dark purple reminds me of maturity and elegance and this is the scent that the perfume creates. Alien is best worn on evenings and special occasions.

La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum Intense

It describes it in the name intense that is what it is. Don’t let the initial first smell fool you into not giving it a try though. I would have never gone into a store and picked this myself, it was actually a gift from my boyfriend. At first, I thought the smell was far too strong and classy compared to what I usually wore yet now I am obsessed with it. The strong scent definitely gains you compliments from both female and male. I always feel so classy when I use this fragrance. It is definitely one saved for the special occasions not only because of the price but because it gives off a long-lasting scent that makes you smell like an elegant lady. 

What are you favourite fragrances? have you got any every day ones that you can recommend?


Keeping calm when the deadlines approach…


Are you one of those people who hit panic mode as soon as deadlines start approaching?

Deadlines are one of them things you know you will eventually have to do, but it’s just a case of deciding when. I have always been quite good at sticking to my deadlines though, that doesn’t stop me stressing every time they pile up. I would be a hypocrite if I sat here now telling you to not get stressed. Only now, in my third and final year of university I am learning to have a bit more control over how stressed I get. Taking the pressure off yourself is the key – believe me it works! Here are a few tips of mine…

1.Set yourself realistic limits

How much time can you dedicate? Do you have things coming up that might distract you? Be true to yourself.

Now, in my last semester I am not in as much as previous years due to the focus being on the final project. I begin my week with a 9am-12pm lecture and I have a break between 12pm and 2pm before my next lecture begins, this allows me time to do two hours of work and catch up on emails etc.

After a busy day,  I don’t tend to do anything else on a monday I leave the gym and uni work and start fresh on a Tuesday. I tend to start with the gym and then spend the day at the library and meeting up with my personal tutor.

I schedule my working days to be two hours on a Monday, all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. On a Thursday and Friday I work until late afternoon so I aim to do some work in the evenings, admittedly this doesn’t often happen unless of course I’m in a productive mood.

As long as I do what I can at the beginning of the week I am happy with that and then if I do extra on a Thursday and Friday then that is a bonus I suppose!

2.Focus on one task 

This was my biggest mistake I am guilty of having different lecture notes for different subjects scattered around me and I would sit there with my head in my hands. Not only did I confuse myself with it all but I think it showed in my work because my full concentration didn’t rely on one main thing.

It is only recently I have started to improve this, I now focus on one assignment at a time and do everything for that assignment before even looking at another. For example I have a deadline on the 28th of this month so everything I have been doing has been geared towards that. Once that is submitted I will move on to the next deadline and focus purely on that.

I believe it is all about timings and not putting all your eggs in one basket.

3.Start early

This doesn’t mean start before you have not been to a single class. Of course, it is always best to start early so you have more time to get it right, but only start when you feel like you know exactly what you are required to do (you will save yourself time).

I find the earlier you start the more time you have for the research and the planning, the better the plan the better the piece. Giving yourself extra time will allow you do your very best and you’ll feel much happier for it.

4.Meet with your tutor

You might feel like an absolute pest constantly emailing asking for tutorials but what does it mater? If you are going to feel calmer and better for it then go ahead and do it.

I never used to meet with tutors because I didn’t want to bother them and be that pest. This semester I have met every week with my tutor even if it is ten minutes every little helps. You don’t necessarily have to meet them regarding work it can be for advice when you are feeling stressed or even to check you are on the right path (my tutor once recommended I went and got ‘sloshed).

The more you see your tutor the more you can improve and the calmer you will feel.

5. YOU deserve a break

You are not superman or superwoman, deadlines are hard work and you need to reward yourself once in a while.

When you have submitted an assignment or even when you have done a chunk of work towards it…

Go out.

Get your nails done.

Treat yourself to unhealthy food.

Have that glass of wine.

Do what you feel would be a reward and then get back to the work the next day and you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next part.


Drake Review


It is no wonder that Drake was recently capped as the worlds best-selling artist. Last night’s performance at the M.E.N only proved that he really is the best.

The Canadian rapper was surrounded by fireworks and cheers from the crowd whom he showed great appreciation and love to. He entered all angles of the stage ensuring he was thanking his crowd at every chance.

‘Manchester is my second home’ seemed to be a phrase that excited the crowd. Drake performed a variety of the songs throughout the night including his greatest hits (Started From The Bottom, HYFR and Too good to me). The tracks he chose to perform were varied but a wise selection.

20,000 people filled the arena and I didn’t see one person that was shy of dancing along to the star performance.

img_8805    img_8810img_8801

A shocked cheer arose from the audience as Drake mentioned Rihanna saying ‘This song would be nothing without her’.

Above all he is not shy of admitting he would not be where he is today without the help of his fans and that is something that created a connection from the start of the night.

The flames and spaceship set an incredible atmosphere for the crowd as Drake performed around it, but it is only fair to say spaceship and fireworks or not, the crowd were interested in one thing only and that was the rapper himself.

Of course you are going to expect Drake to be good, yet on reflection, he was so much more than good. One of the biggest artists connected with his fans as if he was there to thank them. He created a dreamlike atmosphere and did not fail to impress.

Have I reached any 2017 goals yet?


Yesterday was my first full day in uni since six weeks ago, it was so good to be back and knowing I am getting that step closer to my goal. I feel motivated to achieve my goal and this week so far has been productive. A break is always so important in order to help motivate though- I always find a cup of tea rewarding or even a bath. This week I am rewarding myself with a spa day and I cannot wait. So at the beginning of January I did a post with all my goals for 2017, Admittedly I haven’t reached most of them yet but there is still time. Here are some I have started to tackle…

1.  Be more organised and mindful- Well so far I have been sticking at this, I now prep meals to take to university with me not only is it the healthier option but it’s saved me money. I write in my diary every night to reflect on my day and even if I have had a bad day I still reflect on it- not every day is going to be good.

2. Get more healthy and fit- I have been going to the gym four times a week and trying to eat a lot healthier so far it is going well. That of course is apart from the weekend just gone due to my boyfriend  treating me to a lush Wagamamas that I couldn’t refuse. I have been going swimming and reducing my carb intake so hopefully I’ll reach my goal by graduation.

3.Improve my photography and editing skills- Unfortunately this is one of the goals I have not started but it is still a goal I am yet to do. From next week my aim is to start practicing.

4.Make time for myself- I think I am doing quite well at this, lately I have been unwinding and allowing myself to relax and watch a bit of TV in bed. I have also been pampering myself and just giving myself that bit more time to relax. This week I want to order a new book so I can have some me time when reading.

5. Complete my adventures- Obviously these will take all year but they are in the pipeline. Next week I am booking my flights to Thailand and planning the trip. I am working hard to get my degree so hopefully in July that will pay off.

Have you tackled any of your 2017 goals yet? Do you have any tips to help me with mine? 


My Top Tips for party planning


So at the moment I am in the middle of arranging my dads 40th birthday party whilst tackling my last semester at uni, nevertheless party planning is one of the hobbies that I just love doing so I thought why not? Not long ago I arranged my mum and dads wedding and also my 21st birthday so I’m slowly but surely getting better at finding the bargains! Here are a few of my tips…


At first my dad was very keen on having the venue where he got married which was quite pricey! For me a 40th is a special occasion but not quite as special as a wedding, plus he’d been there and done that venue. I always think the more local a venue is the more people will come because they don’t have to arrange transport and more importantly neither do you. After a bit of persuasion and actually telling my dad how much he’d save which was (£500) we agreed on a local venue and the cost was £50 and a £50 deposit- which allowed us more money to spend on the decorations.


I think you can make any room look pretty as long as you have the right colours and decorations. I am yet to choose a theme and decorations for my dads birthday but for mine I chose white and gold. My inspiration all came from pinterest there was so many things I loved on there and it isn’t hard to get carried away. However the majority of my decorations were actually ones I made myself or purchased from The Works and B&M bargains. I was able to get all my decorations for approximately £40 and the place looked lovely. I will be sure to check pinterest out for all future events.


I made the mistake at my party of doing a buffet and a sweet trolley and a lot of food was wasted. After all majority of people go to a party to drink and dance (unless of course you are like me and sit in a corner stuffing your face with all the free food). Personally doing a few nibbley bits is perfect. My dad has his mind set on a hog roast  and after shopping around I have finally found and booked one. To be fair he was expecting to pay £600 for one but to me it was far too pricey! I found one for £475.00 catering for 70 people and they serve it all for you. So if my maths is right it saves my dad £125 just by taking that extra bit of time and shopping around. The go to hog roast for sure is Spitting Pig.


Learning from mistakes this time I have not spent £150 on a DJ for the party. My dads type of friends tend to prefer bands so my aim to get a band in for two hours has worked in my favour. You usually find that bands won’t be costly if they are trying to get their name out there or enjoy doing a gig! I was really lucky and managed to get the band for a really low price so it left me with a £100 spare on the music budget. With the remainder of the money I thought it would be useful to try and get a DJ in for the parts where the band had a break and to maybe start off and while DJs can be expensive I found one for £50 still saving me £50. Often people just assume they need a DJ at the party but it can always give a nice effect to have a singer or a band in to suit your preferences and more often than not it will save you money.

Guest list

It is so so so important to do a guest list not only so you don’t jam pack the venue but to save money on the food. By doing a guest list and creating an event it gives you time to find out who is definitely coming and you can rule out who is not so you how many to cater for. More often than not you would have forgotten someone and a guest list helps you tick people off and it will hopefully trigger when you are reading through who you have forgotten.


The most important tip is shop around! Do you have any party planning tips?

The day in the life of a Carer.


When I’m home from university my job role is a carer. Many people think the job is easy, as a matter of fact I would probably say it is harder than any studying I have ever done. The workload is tiring, mentally and physically draining yet extremely rewarding. I wanted to write this post to explain what a day in the life of a carer consists of and that is not actually an easy way out.


I am exhausted from not working a 12-hour-day the day before, but I put on a smile and wake my first client of the day up with a smile and cheery voice. The call is half an hour long, in that time I have got to shower them, make their breakfast, make their bed, give them their medication and of course complete the paperwork. They can take a while to get up and this can sometimes delay the other calls but patience is a virtue. I always give my client the opportunity to choose what they would like to wear for the day even though they are receiving help from us it is always important to allow them to remain independent and let them to make their own decisions. It’s 7:00am I now dash to my next half an hour call maybe five minutes late and being that five minutes late makes a whole difference to someones mood. Even though it is not my fault I am late I will accept the blame and try and do that little bit more to cheer them up, sometimes it can be offering them a shave.


I have got approximately 10 clients up now gave them all a shower or wash applied all the correct creams in the correct places and give out all their medication ensuring i’ve signed for it all. It is now time for me to clean someones house for an hour or to do their shopping. And to think doing someones shopping is one of the easy tasks it is not. I have a list with a certain amount of money and you have the responsibility to get all the correct brands of what they want whether you think they could get a cheaper deal it does not matter. If they don’t have the product it is preparing to get the blame when I return. I put all the shopping away in the correct places and fill out a cash transaction sheet. Most are always grateful and that is very rewarding that I have done that bit extra to help them.


Time to make everybody’s lunch now even though I am extremely hungry myself I will have to wait. Indecisive springs to mind, Would you like soup or a sandwich? No. Ok so what would you like? I don’t know he or she replies. After going through a numerous of lunch options we finally come up with a lunch they fancy. That could be a homemade salad or poached eggs with tomatoes bacon and mushrooms. Whatever they fancy I will do and then rush to my next call to ensure they get their full half an hour and go through the same questions as the previous call. But still, once they are settled enjoying their lunch it gives me some kind of pleasure knowing they are having what they fancied.


It is now finally time for my lunch and a break. I sit with my cup of coffee and lunch writing out my timesheet for my next set of calls ensuring I know all the key safes and addresses. Sometimes there might be a new person so I have to text my supervisor for the address and routine.


My shift starts at 4:00pm, often it takes around  twenty minutes to get there so I set off around 15:30. Usually the shift starts with assisting people to the toilets or re-positiong people using the slide sheet. It is then driving to peoples houses making their tea or peeling their veg ready and boiling their potatoes. Prepping their suppers and washing their dishes so that they can relax for the rest of the night.


I have made around nine different meals now. It’s now time for me to assist people into their nightwear and to bed. I’m not warm enough someone says. Ok I reply returning with a hot water bottle and tucking them in before leaving and locking their door. I have now assisted a numerous amount into nightwear and to bed, it’s finally my last call of the day. On this particular night, I have plans after work to meet my friends. Are you ok sir? I ask the gentleman that has fallen on the floor and his leg is trapped under a chair. An ambulance is on the way. Two hours later after comforting the man and ensuring he was ok and talking to him to cheer him up the ambulance finally arrives. It is now 22:30 I was supposed to be out at 21:00 but to me that did not matter as long as this man was safe and ok. I helped get his belongings together and a bag for hospital with all his medication. I had contacted his family and locked up his house.


I finished work hours ago, why am I still thinking about it? Is that man ok? I wonder how he is feeling in hospital? They are just a few questions that cross my mind. I am back up at 6:00am to start the day again. It could be a completely different day it may run smoothly or I could be ringing more ambulances. You just never know what your day is going to be like. But at the end of the day you always know you have helped somebody and made their day better and that is what makes the job worth it.


With all the work load, the cooking, cleaning, medicating, supporting people… It is always rewarding to see someone smile at least once a day.