ITV Wales



I spent a week covering the World GB rally taking part in a range of activities. The week involved teaching a presenting work shop to children aged 5-11 and providing useful presenting tips to them and giving relevant feedback.

On a day to day basis I was taking pictures and filming shots of the cars and interviewing the rally drivers alongside Rob Shelley from ITV wales.

I helped film and edit a preview clip for the six o clock Welsh news. On the start date of the rally I helped set up and position the camera and filmed the as-live of Rob Shelley and the rally which was live on the Welsh news.



Fabulous Magazine at The Sun


In November 2016 I did a week placement at The Sun. I researched and prepared interview questions for celebrities such as Busted and Cheryl Cole. Β I transcribed interviews and wrote features following the style guide. Participating in the showbiz side to the magazine was a key duty of my placement. I reviewed Kong: Skull Island film trailer and it was published for The Sun. Having my work published on the website is something I am proud of.

You can read my review by clicking this link.

BBC:’Super-parenting’ improves children’s autism


During my work experience at Glan Clwyd Radio I had a three hour show.

The BBC had released a study to help improve parents and autistic children’s communication.

There a lot of issues regarding autism but how autism affects the families is a β€˜taboo’ subject so I wanted to aim my story more towards helping parents.

I researched into the story and arranged guest to come into the studio to comment.

Listen to my radio interview with Sarah who is a mother of 16-year-old autistic son.