My Every Day Make Up

I’m no beautician, in fact I’m pretty bloody rubbish at all things beauty. If I’ve got an event or going out out out then I tend to pay to get my makeup done purely because I can’t get it perfect myself. Unfortunately, I’m not rich enough to pay to get makeup done every day or every time I go out though so I’ve gotta do most of it myself…

Moisturiser and Primer

For quite a while I have used the Urban Decay primer, but more recently I have switched to the No.7 Airbursh Away Colour Balancing Primer and I love it. My mum actually recommended the primer because she has quite red skin. I’ve found that this primer just makes the skin a lot smoother and corrects the colour of pigments creating the perfect base to apply foundation. I also use No.7 as my moisturiser because it sits well with my skin. Continue reading


What I will be treating myself to…

If you have read my latest post you’ll know I’m on limited spending for this month.  Being on limited spending when you get paid is quite difficult, I checked my bank balance this morning and was very tempted to treat myself but instead put it in my savings (proud moment). When February arrives I want to treat myself to a few things. Here they are…

1) Gym Clothes

I reaaallly need some new gym clothes and trainers. I have actually been sticking to my new year goals especially the gym part, but I’ve only really got short length gym trousers and my trainers are now a little bit wrecked – I definitely need to invest in some new gym gear. I usually like to get my gym-wear from Cheshire Oaks because I tend to wear Nike and Adidas. However, I have from a few little birds that Matalan have some really nice stuff so I will be sure to have a little peek there.

2)Mail Filer and Certificate folder

In an ideal world I’d love my own office and I would have all my certificates framed, but at the minute I still live with my parents (hopefully I will have my own house and office next year). For now it’s going to have to be a new folder. I’ve seen a few folders on Amazon so I will probably order off there.

3)Desenio Prints

I started my room makeover in August and it’s all finished it just needs a few finishing touches. I have already got some prints from Desenio but I want a new shelf for above my bed and some new prints. I have seen some gorgeous ones on Desnio that will be perfect for my room so they are definitely something I will be splashing the cash on.

4)Office clothes

Working in an office and not having a uniform can be a struggle. I absolutely love office wear and I am slowly running out so that’s definitely an excuse to purchase some more right? I haven’t actually seen any I like lately so if anyone has any recommendations on where do nice office wear please let me know. I also want a new bag for work, I like my bags to be quite spacious and this one on Asos caught my eye. However, I have seen a few bags in Marks and Spencers and I have fallen in love with a mustard one.

5)A Bookmark

Last but not least, a new bookmark. I read every night and I always find you feel so much better with a lovely bookmark rather than folding the corners of a page. I’m hoping to get one with a nice reading quote on but I am yet to find one.


Will you be treating yourself anytime soon? If so what to?


Why BONFIRE NIGHT is my favourite


Bonfire night it’s like marmite you either love it or hate it but daaaaamn I definitely fit in the love category. Out of all the events that go on throughout the year November 5th has to be my ultimate favourite.  

Here is why….

(PS I have saved the best and most important point until last).

1.Wrapping up warm

It’s usually the first night of the year where I pile up the layers and dig out my hunter wellies. The new hat and scarf make their first appearance and all the cosy knits come out. After dragging my tootsies across the mud, and scrambling my way through the cosy crowd I no longer need my fluffy wear but it looks cute so I’ll keep it on anyway. I love the feel of the cold crisp air and the little red nose it gives you, but I also love the warmth you feel against your cheeks off the burning bonfire.

2. The Scent

Burgers and chips, smoke, sweet smell of toffee apples. The smell of November the 5th is the scent I loooove. It’s a smell that is too tempting. I always on bonfire night treat myself to a cone of chips, and I am never seen without a toffee apple in one hand and a sparkler in the other. This is why I require extra hands for things like a hot chocolate as well a mulled wine because I’m greedy.

4. Fireworks and Sparklers

Fireworks. What an amazing creation. The way they light up the sky and the echoes of the ‘oooo that’s a nice one’ just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Writing your name with a sparkler is just essential isn’t it? The bright colours, the crackling, the cheers, whistles just everything about it is just fabulouuuus.

4. Our Family Tradition

Since I can remember, my dad has always gone all out and spoilt us with fireworks. We’d visit Eirias one night and have our own mini display the next. My mum whips up a warm leek and potato soup and we have hot dogs. The slow cooker is filled with hot chocolate whilst there is a pan of mulled wine. Some say they are spoilt for choice, but you can never have too much at the Rigby household. Sometimes we have it at my grandmas it just depends. Anyway so it is a family tradition of ours which leads me to the most important point…

5.Celebration of my Taids life

Last but the VERY MOST important, three years ago on the 1st November my Great Taid whom was my best friend passed away, he wasn’t only a friend to me but to all of our family. It was a sad loss to all, but I am a big believer into turning a negative into a positive. Although we were heartbroken to lose him we were and still are eternally grateful for the years we spent with him. So, at our family bonfire night we tuck into our hot dogs and sip our soups/hot choccies/ mulled wine whatever the preference and we all snuggle watching the sky light up whilst sharing incredible memories of our amazing Taid.

Aaaaaand that is why B o n f i r e  N i g h t  will always be my one and only favourite night!

The 22 Reverse Bucket List

Happy Birthday to me 22 waaaah I wanted to stay 21 forever. So, I’m writing this post to celebrate 22 things I have already ticked off the bucket list to make me feel a tad bit better!

  1. Graduated with a first class honours
  2. Planned a charity event to raise money
  3. Volunteered
  4. Been a birthing partner (and no it actually didn’t put me off)
  5. 160ft bungee jump
  6. Lived in a city
  7. Passed my driving test (I’m still not sure how)
  8. Got a tattoo (well 3 now)
  9. Won best online journalist 2016
  10. Had my work published for The Sun
  11. Got a piercing
  12. Planned a wedding (not my own yet hint hint Ryan)
  13. Been on telly
  14. Performed in theatre as Violet (I actually did get the chewing gum stuck in my hair)
  15. Hit my weight goal loss of 3 stone
  16. Been skiing
  17. Wrote a book
  18. Kept a diary
  19. Created a scrap book
  20. Completed health care courses
  21. Held my own radio show
  22. Been to 8 different countries (soon to be 9 eeek)

Continue reading



My name is Jasmine Rigby. I am 21-years-old currently studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Salford.

I’m an online feature award winner for 2016 you can check out the winning piece here.

I have completed and passed all the following modules: Law and ethics, Critical journalism, Photojournalism, Music journalism, Digital journalism, Print and Online journalism, Radio and TV journalism, Celebrity journalism and Feature writing.

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