The 22 Reverse Bucket List

Happy Birthday to me 22 waaaah I wanted to stay 21 forever. So, I’m writing this post to celebrate 22 things I have already ticked off the bucket list to make me feel a tad bit better!

  1. Graduated with a first class honours
  2. Planned a charity event to raise money
  3. Volunteered
  4. Been a birthing partner (and no it actually didn’t put me off)
  5. 160ft bungee jump
  6. Lived in a city
  7. Passed my driving test (I’m still not sure how)
  8. Got a tattoo (well 3 now)
  9. Won best online journalist 2016
  10. Had my work published for The Sun
  11. Got a piercing
  12. Planned a wedding (not my own yet hint hint Ryan)
  13. Been on telly
  14. Performed in theatre as Violet (I actually did get the chewing gum stuck in my hair)
  15. Hit my weight goal loss of 3 stone
  16. Been skiing
  17. Wrote a book
  18. Kept a diary
  19. Created a scrap book
  20. Completed health care courses
  21. Held my own radio show
  22. Been to 8 different countries (soon to be 9 eeek)

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My name is Jasmine Rigby. I am 21-years-old currently studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Salford.

I’m an online feature award winner for 2016 you can check out the winning piece here.

I have completed and passed all the following modules: Law and ethics, Critical journalism, Photojournalism, Music journalism, Digital journalism, Print and Online journalism, Radio and TV journalism, Celebrity journalism and Feature writing.

You can check all my work out on my journalism page.

I will also be doing regular blog posts on lifestyle so keep an eye out for my weekly posts.


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