One of the main triggers of loneliness is becoming a new mum- December 2016

The British Red Cross and Co-op revealed figures that identify becoming a new mum at a young age is one of the main causes of loneliness. I researched this matter and found a low percentage actually receive support for their post-natal depression. After finding out that many young mums suffer in silence I wanted to speak to a new mum who finds it difficult. I was able to get shots of her and her routine with her baby. I also interviewed a mental-health author who shared an expert opinion. I produced this piece of work for a news day in university. The reason I chose to do this was because it was recent news and I also wanted to make people aware that there is support.

You can watch below:

I also done and online and print piece. If you fancy a read please click this link.


Manchester Burger Boost 2015

The year of 2015 seemed to be a burger boom in Manchester. Polls that ran through Manchester showed just how popular burgers in the city were. I decided to get some answers by getting vox pops off people in the city. I also spoke to a burger restaurant owner and asked for her opinion on the matter. In order to make4 may TV package a bit more interesting I arranged with the manager for me to get some shots of the restaurant and burgers to add a bit of detail.


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Is there still a high demand for burger what do you think?

CAREN Machine

This piece of work is a piece I did in March 2016 focusing on how a machine was shipped from Amsterdam and used in Salford for the very first time to help those with a brain and spinal injury. The charity that were providing the machine raised Β£5000 in order for them to get the machine and help their patients. I thought that it made a good local story so I decided to go to the charity and interview the fundraiser, a patient and the operator of the machine. To make a good package I included the machine being used and filmed the settings of it.


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Huge concern in rise of ‘sexting’

During a newsday in my second year of University I took upon the role to report on a sexting concern. I researched the topic and decided on who I needed to interview and what I needed to film to create a TV package. I arranged an interview with a detective regarding the issue. I filmed a sequence to highlight technology and sexting issues. I included statistics so that story had purpose.

You can watch my TV package here: