Christmas Gift Guide + My First Youtube Video

With this post I wanted to give people the option to watch or read (whatever your preference). So I have decided to do my first YouTube video to showcase some Christmas gifts I think you might like…


I know it’s a tad bit early but I’m going to be away for the majority of December and this way you can start the prep!

Lifestyle bitsΒ 

Something as simple as a mug is a perfect gift especially for an office worker like myself. I got mine from T K MaxxΒ for less than five pound (so worth it). Hands up if you love a good cup of tea in a pretty mug! I definitely do.

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The 22 Reverse Bucket List

Happy Birthday to me 22 waaaah I wanted to stay 21 forever. So, I’m writing this post to celebrate 22 things I have already ticked off the bucket list to make me feel a tad bit better!

  1. Graduated with a first class honours
  2. Planned a charity event to raise money
  3. Volunteered
  4. Been a birthing partner (and no it actually didn’t put me off)
  5. 160ft bungee jump
  6. Lived in a city
  7. Passed my driving test (I’m still not sure how)
  8. Got a tattoo (well 3 now)
  9. Won best online journalist 2016
  10. Had my work published for The Sun
  11. Got a piercing
  12. Planned a wedding (not my own yet hint hint Ryan)
  13. Been on telly
  14. Performed in theatre as Violet (I actually did get the chewing gum stuck in my hair)
  15. Hit my weight goal loss of 3 stone
  16. Been skiing
  17. Wrote a book
  18. Kept a diary
  19. Created a scrap book
  20. Completed health care courses
  21. Held my own radio show
  22. Been to 8 different countries (soon to be 9 eeek)

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One of the main triggers of loneliness is becoming a new mum- December 2016

The British Red Cross and Co-op revealed figures that identify becoming a new mum at a young age is one of the main causes of loneliness. I researched this matter and found a low percentage actually receive support for their post-natal depression. After finding out that many young mums suffer in silence I wanted to speak to a new mum who finds it difficult. I was able to get shots of her and her routine with her baby. I also interviewed a mental-health author who shared an expert opinion. I produced this piece of work for a news day in university. The reason I chose to do this was because it was recent news and I also wanted to make people aware that there is support.

You can watch below:

I also done and online and print piece. If you fancy a read please click this link.

Manchester Burger Boost 2015

The year of 2015 seemed to be a burger boom in Manchester. Polls that ran through Manchester showed just how popular burgers in the city were. I decided to get some answers by getting vox pops off people in the city. I also spoke to a burger restaurant owner and asked for her opinion on the matter. In order to make4 may TV package a bit more interesting I arranged with the manager for me to get some shots of the restaurant and burgers to add a bit of detail.


You can watch by clicking below:

Is there still a high demand for burger what do you think?

CAREN Machine

This piece of work is a piece I did in March 2016 focusing on how a machine was shipped from Amsterdam and used in Salford for the very first time to help those with a brain and spinal injury. The charity that were providing the machine raised Β£5000 in order for them to get the machine and help their patients. I thought that it made a good local story so I decided to go to the charity and interview the fundraiser, a patient and the operator of the machine. To make a good package I included the machine being used and filmed the settings of it.


You can watch below:

Huge concern in rise of ‘sexting’

During a newsday in my second year of University I took upon the role to report on a sexting concern. I researched the topic and decided on who I needed to interview and what I needed to film to create a TV package. I arranged an interview with a detective regarding the issue. I filmed a sequence to highlight technology and sexting issues. I included statistics so that story had purpose.

You can watch my TV package here: