OLD COLWYN famous annual fancy dress returns tomorrow

Fancy Dress 2014

In 2014 Del Boy became an online sensation, last year it was Tyson Fury along with the Queen but who we will see this year?

Organiser Ian Jones, starred as the Queen last year and Del Boy the year before, and his costume received six million views online but his fancy dress secret is remaining safe this year.

Self-employed joiner, Ian Jones, organised the event around 11 years ago but around 8 years ago is when the fancy dress started and it has ever since grown.

Fancy dress 2015- The queen- Organiser Ian Jones

This year he is expecting around 80 people in fancy dress. Ian also added that there is something new this year.

‘This year is going to be a special one because we have a number one rule nobody can tell anybody what they are doing.

It looks like this year all of us will be in for a surprise.’

Along with the Queen, Tyson Fury was a big hit last year.

Rob Seiga, 29 was dressed as Champion Tyson Fury with his caravan stating #teamfury.

Tyson Fury one of 2015’s winners- Rob Seiga

Rob Seiga said:

‘Hopefully my record from last year stays unbeaten just like Tyson himself.

This year’s outfit will blow you away.’

You can hear if Rob has revealed any secrets by clicking play and listening to this clip:


The prominent fancy dress pub crawl will start tomorrow at the Vic Club at 2pm.

Lauren Gardener,20, a bar maid at the Vic, said:

‘I know it will be a busy day for her but is really looking forward to seeing the variety of outfits this year and the effort everyone puts in.’

All profits from the local event will go Ysbyty Glan Clwyd’s Cuddles charity, a charity that Mr Jones holds close.

‘I think it’s not only good that we are raising money for a charity I hold close, it’s also good for the community.

It brings all different people age groups together for a fun day and also keeps the money in Old Colwyn.’

More will follow tomorrow from the event tomorrow- check it out on my website.



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