Once again the local fancy dress event has increased the Christmas cheer. 

The gents or should I say characters put the traffic to a standstill while the audience snapped and clapped!

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the spectacular event. Organiser Ian Jones a self-employed joiner of Old Colwyn, first put the event together for those who didn’t have an annual Christmas doo and has it grown to success ever since.

A variety of ages along with a range of fancy dress and props – even fake snow brightened up the village.

The team effort did not go unnoticed especially as gorillas aped around the audience with sound effects.

To mark Wales surely there had to be sheep right? Well just as well  because we had lots of them patrolling the street.

A mystery machine was at the scene and then a limousine approached with our very own Donald Trump. But of course he had to be protected by his security guards.

This year the Donald Trump team seemed to be one of the favourites as the audience shouted ‘amazing’.

Ian Jones has chosen all donations to go to a charity that he holds very close to his heart – Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Cuddles.

The onlookers were astonished by the efforts of Old Colwyn community and I’m sure the businesses of Old Colwyn today will appreciate the annual effort.

You can donate online via JustGiving. If you are out tonight be sure to splash some cash for a donation in the bucket. You can also purchase a calendar of the event from Ian Jones or photographer Gareth Young.





OLD COLWYN famous fancy dress returns for the 8th year!

A month today the local pubs of Old Colwyn with be flooded with a variety of wacky outfits that marks the 8th year anniversary. But what can we expect this year?

The annual fancy dress started when self-employed joiner, Ian Jones, organised a works Christmas doo for those who didn’t have one due to working for themselves.

Ever since the event started it has grown and grown so much that it became an online sensation in 2014 when Jones became Del Boy for a day.

Ian Jones explained, “Due to the success I decided to do something good and raise money for a charity I hold very close to my heart.

My youngest boy was born premature and spent the first eleven weeks of his life in the SCBU in Glan Clwyd Hospital.”

Cuddles and Support the special care baby unit is a charity that Ian and his family will always appreciate.

Despite the unforeseen effort every year Ian Jones is set out for big things again this year and is expecting around 50 lads to attend and even more onlookers.

“I’m looking forward to all the lads getting together in our local pubs for a good laugh. It’s a good job all the landlords are great with us!” explained Ian.

Although his outfit is simple this year he says it’s very ‘effective’.

Image captured by Gareth Young.

However, the only clue Mr Jones is giving away is that it’s a double act that EVERYBODY will know but that’s all we’re getting!

Another person that is keeping his outfit top secret is Gary Rowlands who starred as Michael Jackson last year.

Being self-employed himself Gary has been participating in the event for six years. His best effort was the year he created The Predator outfit himself. But will he beat it this year?

Image captured by Gareth Young.

He said: “I’ve only had the idea planned the last couple of weeks because we flipped it to confuse the enemy!

I’ve hand-picked to create the perfect team. You’ve got to be good to roll with me!”

The self-employed joiner also highlighted, “I just want to add if you get the wooden spoon this year you’re not allowed to live within 10 miles of Old Colwyn for 12 months.

If your commitment isn’t up to scratch the Vic Club will spit you out like the filth you are.”

It seems like there is going to be some competition on everybody’s hands!

All jokes aside, Ian and Gary have faith that the fancy dress is an amazing event that provides self-employed tradesman a works doo. And whilst raising money for a charity it also brings the community together.

The event will start at The Victoria Club in Old Colwyn on the 16th December at 2pm.

Gareth Young, a photographer of Old Colwyn has been the photographer for the event for several years and will be capturing the adventures throughout the day to create a calendar.

You can pre-order calendars with Gareth himself or with organiser Ian Jones for £10. All donations go to the charity Cuddles.

More will follow on my website during the day’s events so keep your eyes peeled.

Autism Charity Event – Autism Fun & Funds


There are 700,000 people on the autism spectrum in the UK – if you include their families it affects 2.8 million people. It isn’t something that goes away it is incurable, but the right support at the right time can make a huge difference. Despite the large figure, it still remains a taboo subject. I have decided to do a charity night to raise money for the National Autistic Society, not only to help those on the spectrum but to help the family members. It is something that as a sibling, I have had to deal with on a day to day basis, and as much as it is rewarding it is often very challenging. Since my brother was diagnosed, I have researched and interviewed many other people in the same position as him or even me as a carer. I have found out that many of people have had all different situations even pensioners. The National Autistic Society is a charity I hold close to my heart, and I would love to be able to raise the money in order for them to support as many people as possible and make the world a better place for those with autism.


my objectives for the event

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Autistic Society brings Christmas to autism- December 2016

A charity in Manchester that focuses only on autism planned a range of activities to suit the needs of those on the autism spectrum. Charity organiser Paul Nugent told me all about the events and the planning that goes into it. I produced this piece for our University newspaper because it was topical and recent. It also told a story about autism.

You can read my piece by clicking this link: 

Do you have any tips of making things more fun for those on the autism spectrum?

Figures identify the main cause of loneliness is becoming a ‘young mum’

The British Red Cross and Co-op released figures that identify the main cause of loneliness is becoming a new mum at a young age. I interviewed a mother who recently had a baby and feels isolated. I wrote a feature describing her feelings from what she told. I produced this is an online piece for a news day during university. It was news but I also wanted to make people aware that there is support and encourage them not to suffer in silence.

You can read my piece by clicking this link:

You can also watch my TV package on it below:

OLD COLWYN big reveal is out with the famous fancy dress return

The world famous fancy dress!
The world famous fancy dress!

The queen might not be there this year but the band Queen certainly are along with Kevin and Perry and FBI.

A variety of characters had the Old Colwyn traffic at a stand-still while crowds applauded and cheered at the effort that had been made.

A favourite this year seemed to be Kevin and Perry.

Watch as they make the big entrance.


Organiser Ian Jones and last year’s Tyson Fury Rob Seiga didn’t fail to impress once again.

Rob Seiga last year's Tyson Fury
Rob Seiga last year’s Tyson Fury
Organiser Ian Jones last years Queen
Organiser Ian Jones last years Queen


This year the boys had their own fairy godmother at the scene Daniel Rawlinson made his big appearance on the roof of a car.

Ian Jones, a self-employed joiner expected a turn out of 80 people in fancy dress and he seemed very pleased with everyone’s finished outfits.

All money raised at the event will go towards Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Charity Cuddles, a charity that remains close to Mr Ian Jones heart.

‘My last baby boy was born early at 30 weeks and without the SCBU he wouldn’t be here.’

Members of the crowd were astonished by some of the outfits making comments such as:

‘This is the best year yet.’


The effort of everyone at the Vic Club did not go as unseen.

The age range was varied just like the wacky outfits that caught everyone’s eyes.

OLD COLWYN famous annual fancy dress returns tomorrow

Fancy Dress 2014

In 2014 Del Boy became an online sensation, last year it was Tyson Fury along with the Queen but who we will see this year?

Organiser Ian Jones, starred as the Queen last year and Del Boy the year before, and his costume received six million views online but his fancy dress secret is remaining safe this year.

Self-employed joiner, Ian Jones, organised the event around 11 years ago but around 8 years ago is when the fancy dress started and it has ever since grown.

Fancy dress 2015- The queen- Organiser Ian Jones

This year he is expecting around 80 people in fancy dress. Ian also added that there is something new this year.

‘This year is going to be a special one because we have a number one rule nobody can tell anybody what they are doing.

It looks like this year all of us will be in for a surprise.’

Along with the Queen, Tyson Fury was a big hit last year.

Rob Seiga, 29 was dressed as Champion Tyson Fury with his caravan stating #teamfury.

Tyson Fury one of 2015’s winners- Rob Seiga

Rob Seiga said:

‘Hopefully my record from last year stays unbeaten just like Tyson himself.

This year’s outfit will blow you away.’

You can hear if Rob has revealed any secrets by clicking play and listening to this clip:


The prominent fancy dress pub crawl will start tomorrow at the Vic Club at 2pm.

Lauren Gardener,20, a bar maid at the Vic, said:

‘I know it will be a busy day for her but is really looking forward to seeing the variety of outfits this year and the effort everyone puts in.’

All profits from the local event will go Ysbyty Glan Clwyd’s Cuddles charity, a charity that Mr Jones holds close.

‘I think it’s not only good that we are raising money for a charity I hold close, it’s also good for the community.

It brings all different people age groups together for a fun day and also keeps the money in Old Colwyn.’

More will follow tomorrow from the event tomorrow- check it out on my website.

BBC:’Super-parenting’ improves children’s autism


During my work experience at Glan Clwyd Radio I had a three hour show.

The BBC had released a study to help improve parents and autistic children’s communication.

There a lot of issues regarding autism but how autism affects the families is a ‘taboo’ subject so I wanted to aim my story more towards helping parents.

I researched into the story and arranged guest to come into the studio to comment.

Listen to my radio interview with Sarah who is a mother of 16-year-old autistic son.

Barclays bank targeted by anti-fracking petition on Manchester Oxford Road


I wrote a story about the anti-fracking protest that took place on Manchester Oxford Road. I took images of the protest and spoke to the main anti-frack man from Barclays regarding fracking. I also spoke to a charity who commented.

The decision to report on the petition came after a YouGov poll was released showing that fracking has decreased from 46.5% last year to 37.3% this year.  It has also fallen from 58% in the year of 2013 leaving this year as the word year yet.

You can read my piece by clicking this link