New Lipstick Loving


I used to be a huge lipstick lover. My go to colour was a ruby red, but I had a change of heart earlier this year and became a gloss only kinda girl. So my new favourite lipstick is the Urban Decay – Rouge A Levres- Sheer.


Falling in love with this lipstick was actually an accident, I was in Debenhams getting my makeup done and I knew I wanted to collect my foundation, but I was unsure of what other product to get. The lady doing my makeover (who was by the way f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s) asked me what sort of lip I wanted and as I said I am a big gloss believer.

The closest to gloss was this lipstick, as soon as it approached my lips it straight away gave a glossy vibe. Keeping lips moisture whilst providing a natural nude look it definitely fit the product description; ‘a punch of colour with a sheer, shiny finish’.

Extra touches

The day I purchased the lipstick, I was actually going to a wedding so for me it did the job and provided me with the natural look I hoped for. However, for a night out or an extra glossy finish I would use the Nu colour contouring lip-gloss.

What is your go to lipsticks at the moment?



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