Promote Your Business? Promote Your Event? Or The Perfect Wedding Surprise?

Hi Guys and Dolls, firstly let’s get the dribs and drabs out of the way a little bit about me.

I’m an award winning journalist, having studied at the University of Salford I have been fortunate enough that I have gained a lot of experience in a range of things from broadcast journalism to network marketing.

So some of the wonderful places I have gained my skills from are The Sun, ITV Wales, Nine Lives Media, Radio Glan Clwd and Quays news.

More recently, I have been preparing or promoting events from charity events to birthday parties and the occasional wedding.

My Website

My viewers are currently at 8,441 and my goal is for it to soon hit 10K. So why choose me to promote your business? Because the right pair of eyes could catch you on my website and increase your custom.

Right let’s get down to business…

Promoting Your Business

You might be doing a special offer or you might just want a little bit of recognition., whatever it is I can promote it for you whether it be a full review of a product or a special offer I will follow your request. If it’s just the copy and social media promotion you are after then that’s fine, BUT… we live in a visual world and statistics have proved that 80% is what the public see, 20% is what they read and just 10% is what they hear. So spice the promotion up with images, presentation, video or maybe even a radio clip.

You can watch a video of a burger restaurant promotion I did here. (This was way back in my first year of university so please bare in mind I have improved in many aspects).

Here you can view a preview piece I did for the Old Colwyn annual fancy dress and you will hear an example of radio clips.

*Prices are extra for visual and audio but package deals are available*

Perfect for weddings

Weddings are of course a special day; wouldn’t it be lovely to reflect on your love story? Do you have cherished images of you both and a favorite song? If so, I can put it all together like into a PowerPoint so it plays to your wedding guests on the day. It gives it that extra special something! Or you might be a special guest at the wedding, an example I am going to use is a presentation I have recently created for a best man that was surprising the bride and groom. If you are a best man or bridesmaid what better gesture to add a little surprise to the day or even a bit of humour by using embarrassing pictures of your bestie. Plus, you’ll be doing your duty and getting that extra credit!

Here is an example of the first one I did for my mum and dads wedding.

The Love Story Of Mr&Mrs Rigby finished

Next is the example ones I did for someone for the Best Man speech more recently.

presentation 2 NEW wedding


If you are hosting an event and want some help promoting it I can do your press release, updates of the process of the event and during and after the event so that it increases the audience. I will promote this via my website and all social media sites so it meets the maximum amount of target.

Some examples of my event promotion you can view here.

All prices vary but discount and deals are available and prices are very cheap!

Contact me for more details:


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