£1,113.52 raised for The National Autistic Society!

I can’t believe all the planning and organising is over! I planned the autism event for several months and a lot of my time and effort went into it. As the event got closer I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could have some ‘me’ time again. But the truth is now I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m already missing all the organising. Anyway here is the outcome of the night…

The Planning 

I’d say the planning is something I’m probably most proud of. Firstly, I came up with all the reasons of why I should raise money for the National Autistic Society , secondly I decided on what type of event I wanted to hold and this was quite easy for me because I love a good boogey so it had to be a disco vibe. After booking the event, I knew I needed to promote it and make money and my favourite tool for this was social media! (I’m sure by the time the event arrived everyone was pretty sick of me) but it worked!!! Making money for the charity was the main target so I had to think of tactical ways to do this. Obviously a lot more went into the planning process but on this post I am just pin pointing some of the main events. Some of my previous posts prior to the event are… https://jasminerigby95.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/what-to-expect/


Rapport Building

Building up contacts played a huge part in the planning process and I couldn’t be more thankful to those who helped. On my Facebook page, there is a list of everybody that helped out and all of those people I can honestly say I will stay in contact with. The raffle prizes were a huge success! Very jealous of the winners I must admit. By using the power of social media, going into local businesses and contacting people I believe it truly increased the target and the outcome of the event! ‘You learn something new everyday’ – TRUE. I attended several conferences regarding autism and also interviewed people in order to write features on the topic. You know what from each conference or each person I was told something new and often that something allowed me to come up with fresh ideas for the event. I highly recommend leaving your comfort zone and getting to know the right person… Never be afraid to ask for help!


When you are on a budget and everything is coming out of your own pocket, you don’t really want to spend a huge fortune on decorations. Usually people love charities so again don’t be afraid to ask for freebies. The National Autistic Society sent me lot’s of things that I could use for the decorations and they were everything that was needed. It was just a case of where to put what and boom all sorted.

The Target 

To start off with I set an achievable target of £500 and throughout the process I was monitoring the target. I had a target for each event that was happening, for example for the sponsorship I had a gift aid target for £100.00 once it hit the £100.00 I raised the target. With the raffles I knew the prizes were very good so I expected a lot of the funds to come from them. The voting for the funny awards was a bit of fun so people would want to take part, it was a £1.00 to vote on the night and this raised a lot of the money! The charity wax raised an incredible amount and was definitely the highlight of the night. Auctions and cake sales was  a last minute thing but I am very happy that I decided to do it because the auction raised £180.00 and the cake sale raised £70.00. With originally having a target of £500.00 finishing off with a total of £1,113.52 is something I am proud of and thankful to all the supporters.

What I would change?

Overall, the event was a huge success and something I am proud of. If I was to do the event again I would scrap the food. I mean we all love a good chip bap but if you have the option of wine with a dance floor they can easily get lost in the crowd. Had I of not done food, I could have saved some money out of my own pocket. The cakes were enough. So next time it would just be the cake sale. We had some slight issues with the microphone not being loud enough and that was quite a struggle when it came to the raffle, to overcome that issue next time I would double check the sounds with the DJ. Other than that a fabulous night with lovely supporters.


I am thinking of doing a more detailed post or maybe a tips post? What do you think?



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