Green Tea Capsules

A little bit about my journey and why I LOVE The Green Tea Capsules! Honestly I’ve never been one to take tablets and do shake diets because I never believed they worked until trying these amazing tablets. After seeing everyone rave about them I thought why not? And thank god I did!

Until 2014 I could practically eat what I wanted when I wanted and that I did. After a few months into university I had put on three stone. I hadn’t noticed but everybody else had. I was  diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome so part of my weight gain had come from that but also over indulging and of course not having my mumma’s home cooked food.

Cutting a long story short, I decided to try and loose weight and tried out a variety of diets, gradually the weight was coming off. However, it wasn’t quick enough for me and I still didn’t feel healthy.

The turning point. The Magic Capsules. The Relief.

Towards the end of my degree I started taking these and I wasn’t counting on them but they have made a huge difference.

Now these tablets aren’t a weight loss product but they have definitely helped me with my weight loss journey. But each week I have stepped on the scales having lost weight and the majority of weeks I have lost at least 3lb.

I have now got in a routine with the tablets and take one every morning, I am not a green tea drinker and that’s why these lovely things help it’s just one capsule for 6 cups of green tea hooray!


Last but not least, I am the worst morning person ever. I have recently gone into the adult working life after being a student and these have been my saviour. My skin and energy have improved massively thanks to the capsules.

I highly recommend!!

Email me for more details.


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