May is going to be a stressful yet amazing month. This is the month where I finish my degree, the finishing line is so close now. I have two weeks to do my very best – determination, motivation and late nights is what is needed! But after that, it’s prosecco and celebrations…

1)Finish my degree

My most important goal is to put maximum effort in for the final weeks of university. There is no question that it is going to be a difficult few weeks, but I want to make sure I submit all my work knowing I have done my very best – trying your best is all you can do. Let the late library nights commence!!!

2) Get to grips with in-design 

For my major project I am creating a magazine, slowly but surely I am making a steady progress. However, I feel like my weakness is on in-design, I want to focus some time getting to know that so that I can make my magazine more eye catching. It’s all well and good that it will read well but who’s going to want to read just black and white? I would hate for my work to go unnoticed because the lack of design – I will make it eye catching!! I think this will be the most challenging part but it is essential.

3)Keep fit 

Keeping fit is a regular goal, trying to find time to keep fit and do a degree is going to be difficult but I find keeping fit motivates me. Last week I started to get a bit deflated after being in the library for hours, I went for a swim and I instantly felt better and more motivated. I think just eating a bit  healthier and going to the gym or for a walk gives you that break you need. This week I have been going to the gym and walking a lot more and I feel more refreshed and motivated.

4)Put my autism event into action

As many of you probably already know I love planning and organising, my autism charity night isn’t until July but once I finish my degree I want to start preparing. Towards the end of May I want to set myself targets for the night, write a proposal and a press release. I have decided to create my own leaflets and posters so I want them to be done by the end of May so I can start getting them out and about. EEEEEK prizes … I have been lucky enough to receive some fab prizes for the raffle thanks to all those lovely people but I want to try and get some more donations. I will start selling the raffles at the end of May. There will be lot’s of posts about the event so keep your eyes peeled. 

5)Praise myself

Hopefully May will be a successful month and then I can pop open the prosecco! At the end of May, I have the journalism awards which I am really excited for. I am going to go for a classy look but I don’t have an outfit in my head yet – quite worrying considering everyone else is sorted. The night of the awards is the night I want to celebrate three years of effort and determination. Yes I’ve had ups and downs but who doesn’t? I can’t wait to dress all pretty and celebrate. Roll on May 25th!

What goals do you have for the month of may?


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