MY happiness.

‘It’s a helluva start, being able to recognise what makes you happy.’ – Dale Carnegie

I’m currently at that stressful in between stage of touching the finishing line of university but I haven’t quite find that dream job yet. Deadlines are fast approaching and my living arrangements will be soon coming to an end so in all honesty I’ve been feeling a bit deflated. However, we should always be grateful which I why I have decided to do a post on 50 things that make me happy. A bit of inspiration has also come from Fearne Cotton book ‘Happy’ which I highly recommend.

  1. Morning coffee.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Family days out.
  4. Long drives.
  5. Being Productive.
  6. Reading.
  7. Music.
  8. Spending time with my boyfriend.
  9. Chilled nights.
  10. Girl nights.
  11. Fridays.
  12. Going out for meals.
  13. Cocktails.
  14. When you haven’t been out for ages and get to dress nice.
  15. Chinese food!!!
  16. My baby cousins.
  17. Going shopping and for a spot of lunch.
  18. Lie ins.
  19. Praise.
  20. Surprises!!!
  21. Catching up on trashy TV.
  22. Stationery.
  23. Typing.
  24. Loosing weight.
  25. Being organised.
  26. Hanging washing out.
  27. Working on my blog.
  28. Helping others.
  29. Setting goals.
  30. Event planning.
  31. Cooking.
  32. Aftershave.
  33. Travelling to the airport.
  34. Light nights.
  35. Pictures.
  36. Inspirational quotes.
  37. Bouncy blow dry.
  38. Making scrap books.
  39. Buying people gifts.
  40. Visiting my Taid’s grave.
  41. Office clothes.
  42. Feature writing.
  43. Rose gold.
  44. Tea and cake.
  45. Tapas (nibbles).
  46. The sound of flicking through a book.
  47. Having my back tickled.
  48. Meeting new people.
  49. Presenting.
  50. My brother being happy.

It’s always good to reflect on happiness. Why not list a few reasons that make you happy in the comments?



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