Healthy Fabulous Foods



I am a bit of a hypocrite writing about healthy food as I sit here eating chocolate cake and slurping a cup of tea… but hey ho we all deserve a treat. Vegetables were always a massive no for me they were the food I never craved. Lately I actually crave a plate of vegetables or a big colourful salad more than I do a takeaway. So here is why.

Eating out)

Eating out is definitely a treat but I used to see it as pick the unhealthiest meal on the menu. Picking the biggest burger on the menu doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the tastiest thing you can get. Recently I have started to choose the mushroom and goats cheese salad. I could have never imagined going to a restaurant and ordering a salad yet I absolutely love the mushroom and goats cheese salad, the cheese makes it that bit more tastier. Although I still feel full after the salad I don’t feel bloated where I can’t move or fit another glass of wine in. It’s definitely my new favourite.Β 

The quick meals)

On days where I am busy and can’t prep my meals in the slow cooker I tend to have something that is quick and easy. For example on a Tuesday I go to a spinning class so I will quickly throw beansprouts with some spices, soy sauce and a piece of salmon. It takes around fifteen minutes and is lovely! It doesn’t sound the nicest thing in the world but it a quick easy meal that I can’t go a week without.


Eating first thing in the morning was a massive no for me. Now I always try to have something even if it is a banana. If I have time I like to use up my eggs. A boiled egg calls for asparagus with chilli flakes. The poached egg is avocado or some baked beans. My posh breakfast – scrambled egg and smoked salmon. Think thats enough of eggs for one day. If I am having a rushed morning I will have fruit and yogurt or some porridge.

Getting back on track)

I was doing fine this week until I was hungover Saturday and ate my body weight in Chinese food. The Sunday didn’t get much betterΒ (I blame my boyfriend) he woke me up offering to take me to Wetherspoons for a breakfast and put it this way I am not one to decline free food. Then the cinema happened. Come on who goes to the cinema without getting popcorn? Oooops cinema has finished it’s 8:30pm all the shops are Sunday hours guess it’s a takeaway.I felt worse off for it and I have craved salmon and vegetables. But back on track today.

Have you got any fabulous foods or healthy tips?


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