The Must Have Perfumes


‘You Are Never Fully Dressed Without Perfume’- C. Joybell.C.

Are you ever really complete if you don’t add that last-minute spray as a finishing touch? If I ever forget to add my perfume I don’t feel right all day. It’s just that extra something that makes people judging you judge you that bit better. A girl can never have enough perfume. At the moment I have three favourites that I’m about to tell you all about!

Paco Rabanne ‘Olympea’ eau de parfum

This is one of the perfumes that I have stuck with for a good few years now (I probably always will). This was the one I used to use for special occasions such as date nights. That soon changed when I found a new love for Alien (more about that later). No denying that I still absolutely love ‘Olympea’ but it has become more of my everyday perfume now, this is the fragrance I spray as I am leaving the house in a rush for uni or shopping. While the smell is quite strong I think it gives quite a floral sweet smell and definitely gives the summer vibe.

Alien- Thierry MugglerΒ 

Jasmine? Yes you heard it right. Of course Alien is a go to perfume for me – it has my name in it! Usually the smell Jasmine is quite a sweet smell but I wouldn’t suggest Alien is a sweet smell it’s more of a rich strong smell. I would say it is the opposite to the fruitiness smell of ‘Olympea’. The colours of the bottle describe the smell. Dark purple reminds me of maturity and elegance and this is the scent that the perfume creates. Alien is best worn on evenings and special occasions.

La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum Intense

It describes it in the name intense that is what it is. Don’t let the initial first smell fool you into not giving it a try though. I would have never gone into a store and picked this myself, it was actually a gift from my boyfriend. At first, I thought the smell was far too strong and classy compared to what I usually wore yet now I am obsessed with it. The strong scent definitely gains you compliments from both female and male. I always feel so classy when I use this fragrance. It is definitely one saved for the special occasions not only because of the price but because it gives off a long-lasting scent that makes you smell like an elegant lady.Β 

What are you favourite fragrances? have you got any every day ones that you can recommend?



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