Drake Review


It is no wonder that Drake was recently capped as the worlds best-selling artist. Last night’s performance at the M.E.N only proved that he really is the best.

The Canadian rapper was surrounded by fireworks and cheers from the crowd whom he showed great appreciation and love to. He entered all angles of the stage ensuring he was thanking his crowd at every chance.

‘Manchester is my second home’ seemed to be a phrase that excited the crowd. Drake performed a variety of the songs throughout the night including his greatest hits (Started From The Bottom, HYFR and Too good to me). The tracks he chose to perform were varied but a wise selection.

20,000 people filled the arena and I didn’t see one person that was shy of dancing along to the star performance.

img_8805    img_8810img_8801

A shocked cheer arose from the audience as Drake mentioned Rihanna saying ‘This song would be nothing without her’.

Above all he is not shy of admitting he would not be where he is today without the help of his fans and that is something that created a connection from the start of the night.

The flames and spaceship set an incredible atmosphere for the crowd as Drake performed around it, but it is only fair to say spaceship and fireworks or not, the crowd were interested in one thing only and that was the rapper himself.

Of course you are going to expect Drake to be good, yet on reflection, he was so much more than good. One of the biggest artists connected with his fans as if he was there to thank them. He created a dreamlike atmosphere and did not fail to impress.


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