My Top Tips for party planning


So at the moment I am in the middle of arranging my dads 40th birthday party whilst tackling my last semester at uni, nevertheless party planning is one of the hobbies that I just love doing so I thought why not? Not long ago I arranged my mum and dads wedding and also my 21st birthday so I’m slowly but surely getting better at finding the bargains! Here are a few of my tips…


At first my dad was very keen on having the venue where he got married which was quite pricey! For me a 40th is a special occasion but not quite as special as a wedding, plus he’d been there and done that venue. I always think the more local a venue is the more people will come because they don’t have to arrange transport and more importantly neither do you. After a bit of persuasion and actually telling my dad how much he’d save which was (£500) we agreed on a local venue and the cost was £50 and a £50 deposit- which allowed us more money to spend on the decorations.


I think you can make any room look pretty as long as you have the right colours and decorations. I am yet to choose a theme and decorations for my dads birthday but for mine I chose white and gold. My inspiration all came from pinterest there was so many things I loved on there and it isn’t hard to get carried away. However the majority of my decorations were actually ones I made myself or purchased from The Works and B&M bargains. I was able to get all my decorations for approximately £40 and the place looked lovely. I will be sure to check pinterest out for all future events.


I made the mistake at my party of doing a buffet and a sweet trolley and a lot of food was wasted. After all majority of people go to a party to drink and dance (unless of course you are like me and sit in a corner stuffing your face with all the free food). Personally doing a few nibbley bits is perfect. My dad has his mind set on a hog roast  and after shopping around I have finally found and booked one. To be fair he was expecting to pay £600 for one but to me it was far too pricey! I found one for £475.00 catering for 70 people and they serve it all for you. So if my maths is right it saves my dad £125 just by taking that extra bit of time and shopping around. The go to hog roast for sure is Spitting Pig.


Learning from mistakes this time I have not spent £150 on a DJ for the party. My dads type of friends tend to prefer bands so my aim to get a band in for two hours has worked in my favour. You usually find that bands won’t be costly if they are trying to get their name out there or enjoy doing a gig! I was really lucky and managed to get the band for a really low price so it left me with a £100 spare on the music budget. With the remainder of the money I thought it would be useful to try and get a DJ in for the parts where the band had a break and to maybe start off and while DJs can be expensive I found one for £50 still saving me £50. Often people just assume they need a DJ at the party but it can always give a nice effect to have a singer or a band in to suit your preferences and more often than not it will save you money.

Guest list

It is so so so important to do a guest list not only so you don’t jam pack the venue but to save money on the food. By doing a guest list and creating an event it gives you time to find out who is definitely coming and you can rule out who is not so you how many to cater for. More often than not you would have forgotten someone and a guest list helps you tick people off and it will hopefully trigger when you are reading through who you have forgotten.


The most important tip is shop around! Do you have any party planning tips?


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