Have I reached any 2017 goals yet?


Yesterday was my first full day in uni since six weeks ago, it was so good to be back and knowing I am getting that step closer to my goal. I feel motivated to achieve my goal and this week so far has been productive. A break is always so important in order to help motivate though- I always find a cup of tea rewarding or even a bath. This week I am rewarding myself with a spa day and I cannot wait. So at the beginning of January I did a post with all my goals for 2017, Admittedly I haven’t reached most of them yet but there is still time. Here are some I have started to tackle…

1.  Be more organised and mindful- Well so far I have been sticking at this, I now prep meals to take to university with me not only is it the healthier option but it’s saved me money. I write in my diary every night to reflect on my day and even if I have had a bad day I still reflect on it- not every day is going to be good.

2. Get more healthy and fit- I have been going to the gym four times a week and trying to eat a lot healthier so far it is going well. That of course is apart from the weekend just gone due to my boyfriend  treating me to a lush Wagamamas that I couldn’t refuse. I have been going swimming and reducing my carb intake so hopefully I’ll reach my goal by graduation.

3.Improve my photography and editing skills- Unfortunately this is one of the goals I have not started but it is still a goal I am yet to do. From next week my aim is to start practicing.

4.Make time for myself- I think I am doing quite well at this, lately I have been unwinding and allowing myself to relax and watch a bit of TV in bed. I have also been pampering myself and just giving myself that bit more time to relax. This week I want to order a new book so I can have some me time when reading.

5. Complete my adventures- Obviously these will take all year but they are in the pipeline. Next week I am booking my flights to Thailand and planning the trip. I am working hard to get my degree so hopefully in July that will pay off.

Have you tackled any of your 2017 goals yet? Do you have any tips to help me with mine? 



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