My 2017 Goals


Nine days late might be a bit late to start the whole new year new me thing but I’ve had these goals in mind and already started a few. I want 2017 to be a special year for me so here are a few personal goals I want to achieve this year!

Be more organised and mindful

For Christmas I received the book: ‘How To Be Mindful’- Anna Barnes and ‘The Book Of YOU’-  Jamie Oliver. I suppose when most people hear Jamie Olivers name they associate with healthy foods.. well this book isn’t just based on healthy eating it’s all kind of tips to increase your happiness and health.  The mindful book by Anna Barnes has lot’s of inspirational quotes that (for me) really work. I have already started taking tips from the books. So far this year I have de-cluttered my bedroom and give bag fulls of clothes to charity, instantly I felt better and more cosy in my room. Reflecting is very important to me, I have always kept a diary but not kept up to date with it this year i’d like to start reflecting every day so that it creates a book full of memories.

Get more healthy and fit

This is a bit cliche but it’s one of my main goals this year. Since starting university in 2014 I gained a lot of weight, slowly but surely it has been coming off but this year I want to achieve my goal. Firstly I want to plan my week of food and prep it all ready to save me grabbing a KFC on the way home from university. My slow cooker is a god send I get really excited knowing I have something good in there ready for when I get home. I must must must try and go to the gym more! I have not yet been to the gym in 2017 but I will (I promise.) I’ve been on some walks I took a hike up a mountain and the feeling you get when you reach the top and take a breath with all the views is so rewarding. I felt so refreshed after the walk so that is definitely something I need to do more of this year. Bike rides and tennis are on my list of getting fit this year so let’s see…

Improve my photography and editing skills 

At the moment on this blog my photographs are quite poor this year I want to invest in a new cannon camera along with a photography course and learn all about it. I can use Photoshop to a certain extent but i’d love to be able to have a mess round and improve my editing skills. I think getting a good eye catching image attract more. Not only for my blog do I want to improve but for all my adventures I have planned.

Make time for myself

I’m one of them who is always busy if i’m not in university i’ll be doing my role as a care assistant. I have now invested in some lovely skin products and bath products. Every night now I go to bed that bit earlier and give myself time to relax cleanse and tone. My goal is to set myself two nights a week where I forget about everything and have a hot bath and take time after it to pamper myself- do my nails, treat my hair and skin. the nights I have chosen for my relaxing nights are Thursday and Sunday– this being because I think a Thursday prepares you for the weekend you might be doing something nice so it’s important to feel nice. Sunday is meant to be a day of relaxing and it prepares you for the week ahead. Even if it is just an hour a night I want to make sure I pamper myself so I feel fresh and better about myself.

Complete my adventures

I’ve saved the best until last if you have read my last blog post you would have seen 2017 is an important year for me. This year is the year I graduate so I want to give my absolute all in my last part of my university course so it allows me to get the best grade I can get. I’m the first one to go to university in my family so I really want to make them proud. After I have graduated I’m hoping to go to visit Thailand for four weeks and travel to explore the different islands. In December I am planning to hopefully go to New York for a couple of days to get that Christmas feel. Of course to achieve these goals I have got to achieve my main goal and that is to get a job in Journalism or PR and to do something I love. This year I want to try my best to use my degree and find a job to suit me- I’ve got everything crossed!

Has anybody started to achieve their goals yet? Do you have any tips for me?


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