2016 Best Moments

15909506_559846284214631_2110182758_nI know a lot of you probably have already read a lot of these posts and think oh the same old. Well 2016 was different compared to any other year for me. It was a year where I have achieved so much more than I thought was possible. I want to share some of 2016 highlights with you before I go on to setting goals for 2017…

March 2016

Barcelona City Break 

Barcelona March 2016

A holiday for me has always been sipping a cocktail on the beach and relaxing- that was until my house mates persuaded me to fly out to Barcelona with them. That holiday was different to being sat around in a bikini, actually I was in a coat. Despite it being a different kind of holiday I had ever been on Barcelona encouraged me take a different outlook on life and made me realise all these wonderful things I had been missing out on. From that I went onto book another City Break…

April 2016

Amsterdam City Break

Amsterdam ice bar

My boyfriend is one of them where they would accept anything for a birthday gift- which makes it a whole lot harder to buy for them. Anyway surprises are my absolute favourite thing in life-whether it is receiving them or giving them I just love them. I told my boyfriend I had booked for us to stay in a hotel in Liverpool for two nights so that he could book the dates off work. On the morning of his birthday I wrapped the boarding passes and passport and he opened it in complete shock. We crammed everything we could into our trip and made a lifetime of memories.

June 2016

Best Online Journalist 


Previously I hadn’t wanted to submit my pieces of work as I didn’t think I was capable of receiving an award. My friend Nathan persuaded me and told me to believe in myself. After I had submitted my pieces I went home for summer and thought nothing of it until I received an email informing me that I had been nominated- still I didn’t expect anything. I got my glad rags on and hopped on the train to Manchester. We all sat around a table with wine and food- stuffing my face with a burger is typical me and of course that was the very moment I won an award for my feature. I think to this day I am still shocked but I am so very grateful because winning that award gave me the confidence boost that I needed- it allowed me to go on and believe in myself.

September 2016

21st Birthday- Kavos!

Kavos September 2016

Kavos was something I had been preparing for months. I had organised for thirteen of us to go on holiday for my 21st and after the stress of people dropping out and filling spaces it was finally time to let my hair down! That I did. The weather wasn’t the best but we didn’t let it ruin our holiday. I had always wanted to do a big group holiday so it is something ticked off the bucket list!

November 2016

THE SUN/ Work placements

I was in a lecture when I received an email from THE SUN offering me a placement date. I instantly felt nervous because I had never been anywhere alone  before and finding new places is well was not my thing. I wasn’t even going to apply, I was going to just stick to the Manchester area but winning the award gave me the push I needed. During my time there I didn’t only improve my journalist skills I grew as a person. I stayed alone and went and toured London and faced fears.

Glan Clwyd radio

In the month of November I also volunteered for my local hospital radio and that was one of  my favourite highlights. It doesn’t take a lot to make a person smile and that for me was an incredible feeling. I’m hoping to do more volunteering work in 2017 but more about that in my next post!

November 2016


Morocco November 2016

Yes another favourite moment in November… A late birthday treat from my lovely boyfriend. I wasn’t really feeling Morocco after the chaos month of all the work placements and deadlines but I thought it would be nice to go away and just relax in the all-inclusive hotel. I guess the city Breaks definitely did change my outlook on holidays  because we did the complete opposite to chill. One morning we was out climbing a mountain, the next we were riding a camel. We made the most of Morocco learning their traditions. Again, it was somewhere else where we made important memories! You can check out my review.

What were your highlights of 2016?


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