A Quick Guide To Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech – and it’s chaotic and mesmerising way of life – is the fourth largest city. The city surrounded in reddish pink and yellowish-brown tint is one of the busiest cities in Africa and a must-see when in Morocco. Marrakech is for sure well-known as Morocco’s capital of fashion. Yet beyond the hectic souks lies immense beauty along the peaceful peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
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If chaotic is what you want, be sure to visit the souks in the Marrakech main square. By night iscommonly when it showcases the best atmosphere. Despite rummaging your way through the crowds whilst the voices of demanding dirhams echoes- the souks is the place to grab your bargains. Once you have finished haggling for your souvenirs you can walk along sensing the spices or tasting the grilled corn. The souks are a central part of the city so are easy to get to. You can visit them by foot, taxi, shuttle bus or via a royal way by caleches (horse and cart).
Escape the hustle and bustle on a full-day sightseeing tour of the Ouzoud falls, relaxing waterfalls located in the middle of Atlas Mountains. The views of the waterfalls that cascade into one another are breath-taking and create magnificent photo opportunities. The walk amongst the views is quitean uphill battle via the steps. However, the track does not fail to impress with stunning views,souvenir stalls and even monkeys jumping at your feet.
After the hike of the mountains take a seat whilst you ride a camel along the desert and relax with amint tea or unwind at the hotel pool and admire the beautiful gardens that surround you. Hotel RiuTikida garden is located in an appropriate place not far from Marrakech popular square with all the facilities you will need for your stay in Morocco.
A few basic phrases will always be helpful.
Hello: As-salam alakyom
Thank you: Shukran

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