OLD COLWYN big reveal is out with the famous fancy dress return

The world famous fancy dress!
The world famous fancy dress!

The queen might not be there this year but the band Queen certainly are along with Kevin and Perry and FBI.

A variety of characters had the Old Colwyn traffic at a stand-still while crowds applauded and cheered at the effort that had been made.

A favourite this year seemed to be Kevin and Perry.

Watch as they make the big entrance.


Organiser Ian Jones and last year’s Tyson Fury Rob Seiga didn’t fail to impress once again.

Rob Seiga last year's Tyson Fury
Rob Seiga last year’s Tyson Fury
Organiser Ian Jones last years Queen
Organiser Ian Jones last years Queen


This year the boys had their own fairy godmother at the scene Daniel Rawlinson made his big appearance on the roof of a car.

Ian Jones, a self-employed joiner expected a turn out of 80 people in fancy dress and he seemed very pleased with everyone’s finished outfits.

All money raised at the event will go towards Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Charity Cuddles, a charity that remains close to Mr Ian Jones heart.

‘My last baby boy was born early at 30 weeks and without the SCBU he wouldn’t be here.’

Members of the crowd were astonished by some of the outfits making comments such as:

‘This is the best year yet.’


The effort of everyone at the Vic Club did not go as unseen.

The age range was varied just like the wacky outfits that caught everyone’s eyes.


OLD COLWYN famous annual fancy dress returns tomorrow

Fancy Dress 2014

In 2014 Del Boy became an online sensation, last year it was Tyson Fury along with the Queen but who we will see this year?

Organiser Ian Jones, starred as the Queen last year and Del Boy the year before, and his costume received six million views online but his fancy dress secret is remaining safe this year.

Self-employed joiner, Ian Jones, organised the event around 11 years ago but around 8 years ago is when the fancy dress started and it has ever since grown.

Fancy dress 2015- The queen- Organiser Ian Jones

This year he is expecting around 80 people in fancy dress. Ian also added that there is something new this year.

‘This year is going to be a special one because we have a number one rule nobody can tell anybody what they are doing.

It looks like this year all of us will be in for a surprise.’

Along with the Queen, Tyson Fury was a big hit last year.

Rob Seiga, 29 was dressed as Champion Tyson Fury with his caravan stating #teamfury.

Tyson Fury one of 2015’s winners- Rob Seiga

Rob Seiga said:

‘Hopefully my record from last year stays unbeaten just like Tyson himself.

This year’s outfit will blow you away.’

You can hear if Rob has revealed any secrets by clicking play and listening to this clip:


The prominent fancy dress pub crawl will start tomorrow at the Vic Club at 2pm.

Lauren Gardener,20, a bar maid at the Vic, said:

‘I know it will be a busy day for her but is really looking forward to seeing the variety of outfits this year and the effort everyone puts in.’

All profits from the local event will go Ysbyty Glan Clwyd’s Cuddles charity, a charity that Mr Jones holds close.

‘I think it’s not only good that we are raising money for a charity I hold close, it’s also good for the community.

It brings all different people age groups together for a fun day and also keeps the money in Old Colwyn.’

More will follow tomorrow from the event tomorrow- check it out on my website.

A Quick Guide To Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech – and it’s chaotic and mesmerising way of life – is the fourth largest city. The city surrounded in reddish pink and yellowish-brown tint is one of the busiest cities in Africa and a must-see when in Morocco. Marrakech is for sure well-known as Morocco’s capital of fashion. Yet beyond the hectic souks lies immense beauty along the peaceful peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
img_7770   img_7771
If chaotic is what you want, be sure to visit the souks in the Marrakech main square. By night iscommonly when it showcases the best atmosphere. Despite rummaging your way through the crowds whilst the voices of demanding dirhams echoes- the souks is the place to grab your bargains. Once you have finished haggling for your souvenirs you can walk along sensing the spices or tasting the grilled corn. The souks are a central part of the city so are easy to get to. You can visit them by foot, taxi, shuttle bus or via a royal way by caleches (horse and cart).
Escape the hustle and bustle on a full-day sightseeing tour of the Ouzoud falls, relaxing waterfalls located in the middle of Atlas Mountains. The views of the waterfalls that cascade into one another are breath-taking and create magnificent photo opportunities. The walk amongst the views is quitean uphill battle via the steps. However, the track does not fail to impress with stunning views,souvenir stalls and even monkeys jumping at your feet.
After the hike of the mountains take a seat whilst you ride a camel along the desert and relax with amint tea or unwind at the hotel pool and admire the beautiful gardens that surround you. Hotel RiuTikida garden is located in an appropriate place not far from Marrakech popular square with all the facilities you will need for your stay in Morocco.
A few basic phrases will always be helpful.
Hello: As-salam alakyom
Thank you: Shukran

Award Winning Feature 2016



Here we go again. We lose our fifth baby. The baby whose heart was thumping away just eight

weeks before.’

Stand first:

Linda Thomas has had five miscarriages, and after being told there was a high possibility she could

never have children. She began to give up but two months later she fell pregnant for the sixth time…

By Jasmine Rigby


Linda’s dream was always to be a mum. When people asked her what her dream was she would

openly admit it. So, of course when the cheap pregnancy test from Morrisons came back positive

Linda was over the moon. Despite wanting to tell the world, Linda and her husband Mike agreed to

wait until after the three month scan.

“I felt like my insides were being punched as if a boxer was training on a punch bag to win his fight.’”

Explains Linda.

Unfortunately the couple didn’t make the scan they were patiently waiting for.

It was a Sunday night and Linda had decided to stay at her mother Debbie’s for the evening.

“The night was just what I needed, spending some quality time with my mother.”

That was until the caretaker was in agonizing pain at 3am screaming for her mother’s help. Debbie

was unfamiliar with miscarriages as there was no family history and each of her pregnancies had

gone well. It wasn’t until the paramedic arrived that they discovered it was a miscarriage.

It was a painful time for the couple. In the end they convinced themselves that they had probably

just been unlucky and that was when Linda conceived again.

It wasn’t long before another miscarriage occurred.

‘’I just remember screaming why me? Why do I deserve this?’’

And those were the kind of questions the 32-year- old asked herself every single day.

Pregnancy charity Tommy’s says one in every four women will miscarry a baby; a quarter of all your

female friends. And the chance of losing a baby increases with every miscarriage.

This, of course, is a terrifying statistic for women, especially Linda, who had now experienced her

third miscarriage.

“I thought it was going to be third time lucky,” admits car mechanic Mike. But unfortunately it was

third time unlucky for the couple.

The guilt started to sink in for Linda. She would constantly pin the blame on herself trying to think of

things she had done wrong such as the last time she had a glass of wine or lit a cigarette. Nothing,

added up. Both her and Mike had been so careful, adapting to a new healthy lifestyle, in order to

pursue Linda’s dream of motherhood.

After miscarrying for a fourth time, the couple were referred to a clinic as both undertook several

tests. Nothing was found on the tests which left both confused to why Linda continued to miscarry.

“I even thought to myself it must be a type of sex I can’t carry. Maybe I can’t have boys and they’ve

all been boys,” assumed Linda.

The topic of miscarriage remains taboo despite thousands of women suffering each year. Staying

silent didn’t help Linda. She began to push everyone close to her away. Every day she blamed herself

and told Mike to re-marry someone who could give him the child he so desperately wanted.

The couple decided enough was enough and that they just couldn’t put themselves through the pain

anymore. That was when they decided to get a puppy to substitute for the feeling of having a child.

Over time things began to get better as the pair adapted to life without a baby. Linda began to build

her confidence back up and started to see her friends again.

“I watched as she dolled herself up, painting her lipstick on so finely, taking pride in herself again. I

felt a sigh of relief,” explained Mike.

It was the first time in a long time Linda had made an effort to look nice.

Surrounded by her friends, Linda felt like herself again. It was the first time she had laughed since

the four tragedies.

“I felt like the girls were really gluing me back together. As I built my strength back up.”

That was until the taxi ride home.

Her best friend of 15 years, Claire, announced that she was pregnant. For most best friends this a

moment of celebration but for Linda it was quite the opposite.

“My heart sank, I hated her, I was bitter and jealous. I didn’t ever want to meet her baby.”

Linda sobbed that night screaming at her husband. Mike felt helpless and didn’t know what more he

could do. Linda wanted to try again, only this time Mike was reluctant to. He just couldn’t bare the

thought of losing another baby.

Linda went on to try and chase her dream once again. And yes, she conceived as she had the

previous four times.

This time, however, was different. They not only made it to the first scan but they couldn’t believe

their luck when they made it to their 12 week scan. They were now past the safe mark. For the first

time the couple reached the announcement stage.

Eight weeks later they discussed baby names as they got ready for the 20 week scan. They were both

convinced it was a little boy. They had taken the day off work to go shopping so Mike could buy a

Man City kit for the newest addition to the family. However the sex of the baby was never


It was time for the scan. A scan the couple will never forget.

“The doctor didn’t need to say anything. I knew from the expression on his face that I had lost yet

another baby. Why could I not be a mum?”

That Christmas was the worst yet for the family. Linda spent the majority of the festive period in

hospital heartbroken.

Although they’d had another four babies taken away from them, the fifth time was different. They’d

created a name for this baby, they’d started to collect things and they were almost certain that this

time around was safe.

“Every night without fail I would kiss the bump goodnight and sing it a lullaby. I thought it was finally

my time to be a dad.”

Whilst it had always been Mike being that remained strong, a wedge in the marriage occurred as

both hit rock bottom.

“I was selfish, I’d been strong for so long and all I could think about was going out with the lads. I had

left to grieve for our child on her own.”

It wasn’t until Mike came home from a night out and found Linda unconscious after taking an

overdose that he realised he needed to do something to help his emotionally unstable wife.

“We had stopped speaking to each other. We didn’t make love to each other anymore because

every time we did it felt like we were already fighting a lost cause,” admitted the couple.

Together they signed up for the miscarriage association which provided them support throughout

the difficult time in their life. Being part of the association allowed the couple to support others

whilst supporting each other. A stand out event for them was when they lit a candle in

remembrance of each baby.

“Hearing that other people had gone through similar situations made me realise I wasn’t the only

one; I regret now doing such silly things. Attempting suicide has made me a stronger person and I

now support people with advice.”

More tests were carried out and Linda was told there was a high possibility that she would never be

able to have children. Although a shock for the couple, they accepted they weren’t meant to be


Imagine the couples surprise when Linda fell pregnant after being on the contraceptive pill. After the

trauma from miscarriage number 5 Linda was far from excited to be expecting number 6.

“I felt like it was going to ruin me. We’d only just built our marriage back up and I had just met

Claire’s baby and re-built the friendship. I was going to be destroyed as a person once again.”

The whole process of the pregnancy was nerve-racking for both. Linda didn’t enjoy the pregnancy,

the whole time she was preparing herself for the news she had become accustom to.

Three weeks prior to the due date, Linda woke up at 5:30am in in a puddle of “gunky water.”

It was a long and scary process of eight hours in the labour ward, even scarier knowing that it was

before the due date. They remained brave throughout and wondered the whole time what sex there

baby was going to be.

At 1:42am their baby girl was born weighing a tiny 5lb110z. They waited for the cry but it was silent.

Their hearts sank. They were desperate for the child they had waited so patiently for.

“And that was when I heard my baby cry.” Linda said. “It was the most magical feeling in the world, I,

a women who couldn’t have babies was now officially a mother.

“Shannon Rose is five now and often asks if she can have a baby brother or sister but we are happy

just as we are. We are lucky enough to have our miracle.”

Finally the family was complete. The story on the road to motherhood was turbulent but her

persistence and unwillingness to give up meant her dream became reality.

FEATURE: Annual Lights of Love services returns to Manchester



Still Birth remains a taboo subject yet 1 in 200 births end in a stillbirth.

SANDS ‘lights of love’ is a service that runs through the UK every year for those to remember loved one.

Heidi Goldsack attends the services in memory of her belated son Nathan.

The piece is informative and emotive.

Read the feature for information about the service and Heidi’s story of her still birth.

BBC:’Super-parenting’ improves children’s autism


During my work experience at Glan Clwyd Radio I had a three hour show.

The BBC had released a study to help improve parents and autistic children’s communication.

There a lot of issues regarding autism but how autism affects the families is a ‘taboo’ subject so I wanted to aim my story more towards helping parents.

I researched into the story and arranged guest to come into the studio to comment.

Listen to my radio interview with Sarah who is a mother of 16-year-old autistic son.